mercredi 20 avril 2016

Bernie Sanders et l'échec de la "révolution"

Jugement dur de Bill Scher, mais je crois qu'il a raison sur le fond. "Bernie" a-t-il changé durablement la culture de sa formation politique?

 "But on a more important level, Sanders has also failed to substantially change the Democratic Party at its core: its acceptance of big-dollar fundraising and incremental policy advancement. That was a tough task for Sanders, especially considering he had steered clear of the party for most of his political career until his presidential quest (prompting Hillary to remark at one point, “I’m not even sure he is a Democrat”). For all his success at the polls, Sanders’ ideologically pure campaign foundered on the predictable shoals of policy specifics and political feasibility, obstacles that a progressive populist movement will need to overcome to truly succeed."

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