samedi 26 novembre 2016

La mort de Fidel Castro n'influencerait pas les relations avec les États-Unis (Washington Post)

Un symbole de l'époque des relations tendues entre les deux pays vient de quitter, mais le rapprochement a débuté il y a déjà une dizaine d'années.

 "For more than half a century, Cuba played an outsize role in America’s political psyche. Even when his country ceased to be much of a policy concern — long after the memories of threatened nuclear attack and Third World adventurism had faded — Fidel Castro remained the nettlesome, living symbol of how a small island had thumbed its nose at the United States and survived.

But official enmity began to fade nearly a decade ago, when the United States elected a president who wasn’t even born at the time of the Cuban revolution, in the same year that ill health forced the aging revolutionary leader to formally resign from office.

 Today, many Americans see Cuba as little more than a nearby tropical vacation spot. The latest U.S. president-elect, for whom the island rated barely a campaign mention, initially had little to say when the end of an era was announced early Saturday morning in Havana."

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