dimanche 12 mars 2017

Des policiers frustrés et en colère? Un sur cinq le serait fréquemment (Pew Research Center)

Il y a des limites évidentes à ce qu'on peu faire dire à ces chiffres, mais ils indiquent malgré tout la difficile réalité du travail des policiers et les retombées potentielles sur leurs relations avec la communauté.

 "Frustration is more prevalent than anger among today’s police officers. About half of the officers surveyed (51%) say their work nearly always (10%) or often (41%) makes them feel frustrated, while 22% say they nearly always (3%) or often (19%) feel angry. When these two measures are combined, a total of 21% of officers say they nearly always or often feel angry and frustrated.

The survey finds that officers who frequently feel angry and frustrated by their job are twice as likely as all other police to say officers have reason to distrust most people (46% vs. 23%). They are more likely than their colleagues to agree that some people can only be brought to reason the hard, physical way (56% vs. 41%) and to say they have become more callous toward people since taking this job (77% vs. 50%).

Angry and frustrated officers also are more likely to have physically struggled or fought with a suspect in the past month (44% vs. 30%) or to have been verbally abused by a citizen (79% vs. 64%).


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