dimanche 13 août 2017

Charlottesville et le règne des bigots? (Frank Bruni, New York Times)

Ce matin dans les pages du New York Times Frank Bruni nous rappelle ce matin quelques vérités malheureusement oubliées ou ignorées... Il y a des blessures aux États-Unis qui tardent à guérir, pour lesquelles une récupération complète ne peut être envisagée qu'à très long terme.

 "This bigotocracy overlooks fundamental facts about slavery in this country: that blacks were stolen from their African homeland to toil for no wages in American dirt. When black folk and others point that out, white bigots are aggrieved. They are especially offended when it is argued that slavery changed clothes during Reconstruction and got dressed up as freedom, only to keep menacing black folk as it did during Jim Crow. The bigotocracy is angry that slavery is seen as this nation’s original sin. And yet they remain depressingly and purposefully ignorant of what slavery was, how it happened, what it did to us, how it shaped race and the air and space between white and black folk, and the life and arc of white and black cultures."


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