jeudi 14 juin 2018

Comment perdre les élections de mi-mandat et réélire Donald Trump

Frank Bruni écrit ce matin ce que j'affirmais plus tôt cette semaine dans ma collaboration à "Radio-Canada cet après-midi". Si des déclarations comme de celles de Robert De Niro ont le mérite de soulager et d'évacuer la frustration, elles également un effet pervers. En agissant ainsi on accepte de se rouler dans le boue avec le président américain, on risque de s'avilir. Si vous vous souvenez des primaires républicaines, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio et les autres ont perdu en tentant de jouer sur le terrain de Trump...

 "I’m not urging complacency. But when you invoke the darkest historical analogies, you lose many of the very Americans you’re trying to win over. What you’re saying isn’t what they’re seeing. It’s overreach in their eyes.

And when you make the direst predictions, you needlessly put your credibility on the line. The stock market didn’t go into free fall after Trump’s election. We’re not at war with North Korea. I’m not ignoring the grave flaws and galling giveaways in his tax overhaul, and I’m not minimizing his disregard for diplomatic norms, including his unwarranted verbal attacks on American allies. I’m noting that when you extrapolate too wildly into the future, you sometimes wind up distracting people from what’s happening in the here and now.

The more noise, the less discernment. The more fury, the less focus. Proportion and triage are in order, and that means an end, please, to the Melania madness. Floating the idea that she’s a victim of domestic abuse merely supports Trump’s contention that his critics are reflexive and unfettered in their contempt for him and that all of their complaints should be viewed through that lens."

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