dimanche 10 juin 2018

"Houston we have a problem": la phrase n'a jamais été prononcée par John L. Swigert

On attribue au film Apollo 13 la célèbre citation "historique" "Houston we have a problem", mais l'origine de cette formulation est un peu plus complexe. Petit retour sur une déformation qui est encore aujourd'hui couramment utilisée.

 Voici comment on justifie la reformulation pour le film Apollo 13: "“The past perfect tense wasn’t as dramatic as ‘We have a problem’ — which meant that the problem was happening right then and was continuing, which in fact it was and would shortly cause the mission to abort,” Broyles said in an email.

He takes credit for changing the line for the movie, which chronicles the survival of the three Apollo astronauts everyone feared would die. Baron, who grew up alongside the space program, had gone her life thinking that the movie version was accurate — that is, until she was shown the real dialogue earlier this week to get her expert take."


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