jeudi 14 juin 2018

Les Incroyables 2: nouvelle référence du genre?

Je m'éloigne un peu de la couverture des événements politiques pour relayer cet article sur le site de "The Atlantic". L'été est devenue la saison pendant laquelle les grands studios offrent leurs superproductions. Un des films attendus, et un préféré de ma petite famille, est la suite des "Incroyables". Si nous avons patienté pendant des années pour le deuxième volet des aventures de la famille Parr, il semble que nos attentes ne seraient pas déçues.

 "While the sequel doesn’t have an emotional arc quite as poignant as the first Incredibles did, its B-plot (which sees Bob playing stay-at-home dad while Helen goes off to save the world) is nonetheless consistently charming. Violet continues to wrestle with boy drama at school, Dash is still a bundle of unrestrained, teeming energy, and Jack-Jack begins to manifest his own powers, which include bursting into flames and transporting to other dimensions. If The Incredibles was a metaphor for finding the right balance between work and family, Incredibles 2 is an outsized satire about how much of an unpredictable adventure child-rearing can be, day to day.

 I’ve never thought of Bird as a political filmmaker, but rather as a director who makes art about the creatively constrained, a man obsessed with the wrenching, soaring process of achieving one’s potential (which is why Pixar’s Ratatouille is his ultimate masterpiece). Incredibles 2 is the first work he’s made where his characters actually seem free, and while it takes time to build up steam and set up its plot mechanics, once everyone is in costume and letting loose, it’s an exhilarating ride."

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