vendredi 31 octobre 2014

Virgin Galactic: le SpaceShipTwo s'écrase dans le désert Mojave

Une anomalie serait responsable de l'écrasement du SpaceShipTwo de Virgin Glactic (firme du milliardaire britannique Richard Branson). L'écrasement du vaisseau aurait fait un mort et un blessé.

 "SpaceShipTwo is designed to hold two pilots and six passengers. The company has taken deposits of up to $250,000 each from more than 700 people to reserve seats on the first space tourism flights, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Charles Lurio, publisher of a newsletter about the commercial space industry, the Lurio Report, compared the test-flight explosion to the hundreds of people lost over years of testing early aircraft.

“I hope people understand that in order to make progress in certain areas, you have to take certain risks,” Lurio said. “This is why we need more than one or two companies trying things out, and why we need people willing to test things on the ground. … We need to enable more people to try, not fewer.”

Caricature pape François et le Big Bang!


Caricature Obama le vampire!


Caricature "Le cri" de Munch version Obama: les sondages


jeudi 30 octobre 2014

Stephen Colbert rend hommage à Kevin Vickers: "to hell with Bruce Willis"

Frank Serpico: la police est toujours hors de contrôle

Retour dans l'actualité de ce policier qui a inspiré le film de Sidney Lumet mettant en vedette Al Pacino. Serpico a dénoncé des policiers corrompus et il y a presque laissé sa vie. Quarante ans après avoir reçu une balle en plein visage il porte un jugement sévère sur les forces de l'ordre.

 "And today the Blue Wall of Silence endures in towns and cities across America. Whistleblowers in police departments — or as I like to call them, “lamp lighters,” after Paul Revere — are still turned into permanent pariahs. The complaint I continue to hear is that when they try to bring injustice to light they are told by government officials: “We can’t afford a scandal; it would undermine public confidence in our police.” That confidence, I dare say, is already seriously undermined.

Things might have improved in some areas. The days when I served and you could get away with anything, when cops were better at accounting than at law enforcement — keeping meticulous records of the people they were shaking down, stealing drugs and money from dealers on a regular basis — all that no longer exists as systematically as it once did, though it certainly does in some places. Times have changed. It’s harder to be a venal cop these days.

But an even more serious problem — police violence — has probably grown worse, and it’s out of control for the same reason that graft once was: a lack of accountability.

Comment coincer Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton a secrètement rencontré un des principaux responsables de la victoire de Barack Obama en 2008. Qui de mieux que ce stratège qui a contribué à la vaincre pour identifier ses forces et ses faiblesses? Parions que David Plouffe ne sera pas très loin lorsque Mme Clinton entrera officiellement dans la course. J'ai déjà affirmé à plusieurs reprises qu'Obama avait bénéficié du travail d'une formidable équipe en 2008, une équipe grandement sollicitée depuis.

 "In Plouffe’s view, articulated in the intervening years, Clinton had been too defensive, too reactive, too aware of her own weaknesses, too undisciplined in 2008. His team would goad her into making mistakes, knowing that run-of-the-mill campaign attacks (like Obama’s claim she merely had “tea,” not serious conversation, with world leaders as first lady) would get under her skin and spur a self-destructive overreaction (Clinton responded to the tea quip by falsely portraying a 1990s goodwill trip to Bosnia with the comedian Sinbad as a dangerous wartime mission). She was too easily flustered.

Plouffe’s last and most pressing point was about timing. A couple of weeks earlier, Clinton had told an audience in Mexico City, “I am going to be making a decision ... probably after the first of the year, about whether I’m going to run again or not.” The comment alarmed top Democrats: The Republican attack machine was already revving up, running anti-Hillary focus groups to figure out her vulnerabilities, dispatching opposition researchers to Arkansas, churning out anti-Hillary books and creating Fox News-fodder talking points to cast her State Department tenure as a failure and her campaign-to-be as a third-term extension of Obama’s increasingly unpopular presidency.

Caricature "Que veux-tu faire quand tu seras grand?"


Caricature tueries dans les écoles et Halloween


Caricature Tim Cook dévoile son homosexualité


Caricature Kaci Hickox et Halloween


 Kaci Hickox est cette infirmière qui a protesté contre la quarantaine imposée à New York et au New Jersey à tous les travailleurs de retour d'Afrique de l'ouest. Elle s'oppose également aux conditions de quarantaine imposées dans son état du Maine.

Caricature "We the people?"


Caricature retour à l'heure normal, la version des républicains...


Caricature Mayor Tom Menino (1942-2014)


L'ancien maire de Boston est décédé aujourd'hui après avoir lutté contre le cancer. Menino aura eu le plus long règne de l'histoire de la ville (1993-2014).  Sous sa gouverne la violence a diminué, la population a augmenté, l'architecture de la ville s'est développé et les quartiers présentent maintenant une plus grande diversité ethnique.  Plus récemment il avait joué un rôle important dans les jours qui ont suivi les explosions au marathon de Boston.  Le président Obama lui a rendu un bel hommage aujourd'hui.

Caricature Air France et KLM


 Grève des pilotes et "redressement" de la situation?

Caricature le pape et la science


Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

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mercredi 29 octobre 2014

Caricature Benyamin Netanyahou insulté


Caricature retrait d'Afghanistan


Michelle Obama au sénat? Jamais!

 Très populaire auprès des électeurs, Michelle Obama serait-elle tentée de suivre les traces de Mme Clinton en entrant au sénat? Non selon une très forte majorité d'analystes.

 "Asked by ABC’s Robin Roberts in June if her “next act” would be political, Obama acted surprised. “Me?” she asked. “No, it will definitely not be political,” she answered, as Roberts pressed her again. “No, it definitely will not be. It will be mission-based, it will be service-focused.”

Clinton’s post-White House political career hasn’t done much to slow the Obama rumors and might even stoke them. But it was long clear that Clinton had political aspirations of her own and that she enjoyed politics in a way that Obama doesn’t.

“Hillary loves politics, she loves policy, she loves all of it,” said columnist Connie Schultz, who has experience as a political spouse, since she’s married to Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown. With Obama, it’s clear “this is not her thing.”

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mardi 28 octobre 2014

Explosion d'une fusée de la NASA: dommages importants.

Explosion d'une fusée qui se dirigeait vers la Station Spatiale Internationale. Je vous laisse des liens pour un article sur CNN et le site de la NASA en lien avec cette mission.

 "According to NASA, the Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft were set to launch at 6:22 p.m. ET from the Wallops Flight Facility along the Atlantic Ocean. It was set to carry some 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station."



Caricature Ébola et le sorcier


Les dangers de la quarantaine (éditorial du New York Times)

Réflexion importante...

 "The problem with a mandatory quarantine, even if done at home, is that it can discourage heath care workers from volunteering to fight the virus at its source in West Africa. Doctors Without Borders, the nongovernmental organization that has led the battle there, typically sends its workers on arduous four- to six-week assignments. The risk of being quarantined for another 21 days upon return has already prompted some people to reduce their length of time in the field and may discourage others from volunteering in the first place.

An editorial published Monday in The New England Journal of Medicine cited estimates that tens of thousands of additional volunteers will be needed to control the epidemic and warned that a mandatory 21-day quarantine, for people who are not sick and may never become sick, would be “more destructive than beneficial.” Policies that will reduce the chances of recruiting additional volunteers — without actually protecting the public — will only make the Ebola crisis worse."

Quarantaine pour les troupes américaines

Un officier américain faisait le point aujourd'hui sur la quarantaine imposée aux militaires américains (en Italie) qui ont séjourné dans les zones touchées parle virus Ébola. 

 ""The morale is high and very comfortable with the contribution we made," said Williams, who added that 75 more service members will return this week to quarantine on the Vicenza base.

Williams emphasized Ebola "is a silent enemy" for the US military and noted the military mobile labs for Ebola testing on the ground are the front line of the Pentagon's effort to help.

The quarantine procedure is meant to reassure both military families and the Italian government that the US is doing everything it can to protect troops, the families and the surrounding communities, Williams said. He noted the Italians had expressed concerns about troops returning to Vicenza after serving in Liberia for 30 days on the initial mission to set up a military effort there to aid in the Ebola crisis.

Obama et Washington paralysés après les élections de mi-mandat?

Le président Obama pourrait se retrouver avec deux chambres du congrès majoritairement républicaines dans les deux dernières années de si présidence. Considérant le peu de collaboration entre l'exécutif et le législatif depuis quelques années alors que le sénat est majoritairement démocrate, faut-il envisager des années encore plus sombre advenant une domination républicaine après les élections de la semaine prochaine? Voici quelques projets ou des compromis seraient possibles selon le POLITICO Magasine.

 "But after four years of gridlock and confirmation fights, most Americans don’t appear to be getting their hopes up—congressional approval, as of earlier this month, was at a meager 14 percent. Which raises the question: Can Washington realistically get anything done before the next president is inaugurated? We asked a range of thinkers—from Congress and beyond, from both sides of the aisle and smack-dab in the middle of it—to tell us which bipartisan ideas really could make it into law before the Obama era ends."

Élections de mi-mandat 2014: les républicains dominent

Rien de très encourageant pour le président Obama... Je vous laisse le lien pour l'article principal qui contient d'autres liens intéressants pour faire le point sur la situation à une semaine du scrutin.

 "Republicans enter the final week of the midterm campaign holding higher ground than the Democrats, aided by public dissatisfaction with President Obama’s leadership, with the overall direction of the country and with the federal government’s ability to deal with major problems, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Driving attitudes is a pervasive sense of a country in trouble. Overwhelming majorities say the country is badly off-track and give the economy negative ratings. Economic expectations are little better today than they were at this time four years ago."

Woodword et Bernstein se souviennent de Ben Bradlee

Le trio composé des journalistes Woodward et Bernstein et de l'éditeur Ben Bradlee est à jamais lié dans l'histoire en raison de la couverture du scandale du Watergate. Les deux journalistes présentent ici leur vision de l'ancien patron décédé la semaine dernière. Bradlee était un patron exigeant, mais inspirant.

 "In a sense, nothing satisfied him fully. He kept raising the bar on everyone — himself included. From the day he took over as editor of the paper in 1965, he would prowl the fifth-floor newsroom looking for the action, or who had the good story or the latest gossip. Bradlee’s physical command and elan — a kind of leadership in itself — was famous and much imitated (horrendously by too many acolytes who started wearing Turnbull & Asser shirts, to the point where the newsroom sometimes suggested a Savile Row showroom). As he stopped to visit with reporters, chest outstretched, a look of curiosity or delight crossing his face, work often ceased, and from perhaps a hundred or more desks, the eyes of his staff would be trained on him, trying to read the signals. If two or three of his reporters were in a knot talking, he approached them. Maybe they had something, and he wanted to hear.

Be aggressive, he insisted. “I am very sympathetic with reporters who push,” he told us in a 1973 tape-recorded interview for the book we were writing about Watergate — which would eventually become “All the President’s Men.” “And it makes me feel terribly comfortable and particularly comfortable about being an editor who pushes back.”

Caricature Maison Blanche ou maison hantée?


lundi 27 octobre 2014

Caricature Cuomo, Christie et la quarantaine


Chronique à Radio-Canada cet après-midi: Ébola, complot russe et Ronald Regan

La chronique d'aujourd'hui dans le segment de 17h17 après la météo et la circulation. Audio fil du 27 octobre:

Caricature élections de mi-mandat: victoire écrasante des républicains?


Caricature Dilma Rousseff réélue difficilement


Caricature Canada et loup "solitaire"?


Jon Oliver , Dr. Jane Goodall et les chimpanzés

John Oliver et le sucre: "show us your peanuts"

dimanche 26 octobre 2014

Caricature présidents en fin de mandat


Caricature Russie et économie: récession?


New York et Ebola: la ville a déjà vécu bien pire

Petit retour dans le temps sur le site de Mother Jones. Cinq épidémies dont les ravages furent particulièrement importants pour la ville. On mentionne la fièvre jaune, le choléra, la polio, la grippe (influenza) et le virus du sida.

 Un extrait de la portion sur la fièvre jaune:

 "The city's first health department was created in 1793 to block boats from Philadelphia, which at the time was in the grips of a yellow fever epidemic that left 5,000 dead. The tactic didn't work: By 1795 cases began to appear in Manhattan, and by 1798 the disease had reached epidemic proportions there, with 800 deaths that year. Several thousand more died over the next few years. (The disease causes victims' to vomit black bile and their skin to turn yellowish, and the fatality rate without treatment is as high as 50 percent.) This was no small blow for a city that at the time had only about 60,000 residents"

Quarantaine et libertés civiles: l'infirmière isolée eu New Jersey exprime sa colère

Le gouverneur du New Jersey Chris Christie affirmait hier n'avoir aucun doute sur la nécessité de la quarantaine imposée à certains voyageurs depuis qu'on a identifié un premier cas d'Ebola à New York. Kaci Hickox, la première personne à vivre cette quarantaine au New Jersey, croit que dans son cas on était mal préparé et qu'on a cédé à la panique.

 “I am scared about how health care workers will be treated at airports when they declare that they have been fighting Ebola in West Africa,” the nurse, Kaci Hickox, wrote in an essay on the website of The Dallas Morning News, in collaboration with a friend who works for the paper. “I am scared that, like me, they will arrive and see a frenzy of disorganization, fear, and most frightening, quarantine.”

Joan Quigley, l'astrologue de Ronald et Nancy Reagan, meurt à 87 ans

Peu de gens se sont intéressés à cette histoire, mais selon un ancien chef de cabinet de l'époque Reagan, le couple présidentiel prenait rarement une décision importante sans avoir obtenu l'assentiment d'une astrologue.

 "In his 1988 memoir, Donald T. Regan, a former chief of staff for President Ronald Reagan, revealed what he called the administration’s “most closely guarded secret.”

He said an astrologer had set the time for summit meetings, presidential debates, Reagan’s 1985 cancer surgery, State of the Union addresses and much more. Without an O.K. from the astrologer, he said, Air Force One did not take off.

The astrologer, whose name Mr. Regan did not know when he wrote the book, was Joan Quigley. She died on Tuesday at 87 at her home in San Francisco, her sister and only immediate survivor, Ruth Quigley, said."

Cour suprême: Sameul Alito jr, Clarence Thomas et Sonia Sotomayor de retour à Yale

Les trois juges du plus haut tribunal issus de Yale étaient de retour dans les murs de leur alma mater. Ils se sont prêtés au jeu des questions et chacun a une relation particulière avec l'université. On a également abordé des thèmes en lien avec le fonctionnement de la Cour suprême. Les neuf juges qui siègent actuellement ont été formés au sein de deux grandes universités seulement. Est-ce un problème?

 "But the three justices agreed that the court could use more diversity, mentioning geography, religion, professional background and education.

“I think we have to be concerned that almost all of us are from two law schools,” Justice Thomas said.

The six other justices all attended Harvard Law School, though Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg transferred to and graduated from Columbia Law School.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., who has two Harvard degrees, was once asked whether it is healthy for the Supreme Court to consist of only justices with degrees from elite institutions.

“First of all, I disagree with your premise,” he responded. “Not all of the justices went to elite institutions. Some went to Yale.”

Ronald Reagan "The great communicator": retour sur "A time for choosing".

Il y a cinquante ans Ronald Regan prononçait un discours intitulé "A time for choosing". Selon Steven F. Hayward, ce discours est un des quatre grands discours qui vont permettre de propulser un politicien vers les sommets.

 "Why did Reagan, whose speech seemed very much in the spirit of Goldwater’s campaign, create such a sensation? How did he succeed where Goldwater failed?

The simplest explanation, and a favorite of the critics who later dubbed Reagan the “Teflon president,” is that he was just a better messenger than Goldwater. His familiar image — good looks, a smooth delivery, a honeyed voice and appeals to emotion — no doubt counted for a lot. Reagan could keep your attention reading from the phone book.

But he would not have been so successful for so long with appeals to emotion alone. “A Time for Choosing” reveals a coherent political philosophy that differed in subtle ways from the main current of conservatism, blended with great skill and art in Reagan’s rhetoric."

vendredi 24 octobre 2014

Caricature djihadistes occidentaux


L'Ébola comme arme? L'intérêt de la Russie pour le virus

Des chercheurs russes ont déjà travaillé sur le potentiel du virus comme arme biologique. Le programme secret est interrompu au début des années 1990, mais plusieurs observateurs s'interrogent sur qu'on a fait ensuite des recherches et des agents pathogènes.

 "“The bottom line is, we don’t know what they’re doing with any of the pathogens in their possession,” said Amy Smithson, a biological weapons expert who has traveled to several of the labs and written extensively about the Soviet-era weapons complex.

At least four military labs have remained off-limits to any outside scrutiny since the end of the Cold War, even as civilian-run institutions adopted more transparent policies and permitted collaborations with foreign researchers and investors, U.S. officials and weapons experts say. Even acknowledging — as most experts do — that Russia halted work on offensive bioweapons decades ago, the program’s opacity is a recurring irritant in diplomatic relations and a source of worry for security and health experts who cite risks ranging from unauthorized or rogue experiments to the theft or accidental escape of deadly microbes.

Enhancing the threat is the facilities’ collection of deadly germs, which presumably includes the strains Soviet scientists tried to manipulate to make them hardier, deadlier and more difficult to detect, said Smithson, now a senior fellow with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, a research institute based in Monterey, Calif.

Caricature Ebola à New York


Caricature argent et politique


Caricature terroristes, Justin Trudeau et les câlins