mercredi 30 mars 2016

Caricature Trump et son "problème féminin"


Caricature Californie et salaire minimum à 15$/heure


 Effectivement il s'agit d'une hausse progressive et rien ne dit qu'une nouvelle administration maintiendrait la mesure.

Caricature FBI et le secret de la sécurité du iPhone


Caricature Bernie "feels the burn"


Caricature FBI déverrouille un iPhone


Trump le nouveau Russ Perot? Hillary doit-elle se méfier?

Je ne partage pas toute l'analyse de Bernstein, mais je me souviens très bien de la campagne 1992 et du "phénomène Perot". L'auteur omet de préciser que Perot avait été bien plus nuisible pour la campagne de Bush père que pour celle de Clinton...

 "For a crucial moment in the summer of ’92, Perot was the biggest story in American politics. For the better part of three months, he led all candidates—ahead of both Bill Clinton and incumbent President George H.W. Bush—and upended the conventional wisdom about the issues that American voters were concerned about.

The parallels between Donald Trump and Perot are imperfect, but striking. Both have been perceived as drawing support from angry white conservative men, but also have broader appeal across demographics and party lines. Both have taken advantage of historically negative attitudes toward Washington and career politicians. Both are billionaires who have successfully argued that they are the antidote to the vile, corrupting influence of money in politics. And, perhaps most important, both are expert salesmen of the populist notion that only a successful businessman—someone from outside the political system, but intimately familiar with its failings—could fix what was broken in America."

mardi 29 mars 2016

Chicago et la montée de la violence: on craint le bain de sang l'été prochain

Avec la couverture médiatique qui accorde beaucoup d'attention à la campagne électorale, on laisse parfois dans l'ombre des sujets qui demandent une attention majeure. La violence s'intensifie dans les rues de Chicago et le "Department of justice" de Washington enquête actuellement sur les pratiques policières.

 "Chicago has long been troubled by violence, but homicides and shootings have risen sharply this year. Violent crime remains below the levels of two decades ago, and criminologists caution against finding trends in only a few months of data. But City Hall, the police and community leaders are alarmed by the surge: As of Friday, 131 people had been killed here in the first months of 2016, an 84 percent rise in homicides from the same period in 2015. There had been 605 shootings, nearly twice as many as at this point last year.

The increase could hardly have come at a more difficult time. The city is at a pivotal moment for law enforcement, mired in a crisis over police conduct and discipline and over distrust of officers, particularly among African-American residents, who make up about one-third of Chicago’s population.

The Justice Department is scrutinizing the patterns and practices of the city’s police force; the mayor on Monday named an interim police superintendent to replace the department’s fired leader; and voters have rejected Cook County’s top prosecutor, defeating her in a primary on March 15. The release in November of a police video that showed a white officer shooting a black teenager, Laquan McDonald, 16 times caused longstanding anger about police conduct to boil over."

Pas d'armes à la convention républicain tranche les Services Secrets

Une pétition regroupant tout près de 45 000 signatures circulait depuis quelques jours et elle demandait que les participants à la convention de juillet puissent porter une arme. Difficile d'imaginer une telle demande de notre côté de la frontière, mais si on considère les affrontements dans certaines rencontres politiques de Donald Trump la décision me semble sage!!

 "The agency cited federal law authorizing them to prevent firearms from entering sites that protectees are visiting.

"Only authorized law enforcement personnel working in conjunction with the Secret Service for a particular event may carry a firearm inside of the protected site," the Secret Service said.

The petition, which went online a week ago, had garnered almost 45,000 signatures by Monday afternoon. It pressed remaining GOP candidates and the Republican National Committee to demand firearms be permitted into the arena."

Donald Trump meneur impopulaire?

Encore des chiffres pour inquiéter les dirigeants républicains. Clairement le meneur dans la course aux délégués, Trump déplaît à 2/3 des électeurs américains. Peut-on se permettre d'affronter Hillary avec de tels chiffres?

 "The danger for Trump is two-fold: His declining popularity is taking a toll on his standing in the 17 states that will hold primaries between now and the end of the process in early June. Losing some of these states – or even winning fewer delegates in proportional states – makes it more difficult for Trump to secure a pre-convention majority of 1,237 delegates.

That’s where Trump’s horrific poll numbers could haunt him again: If Trump misses the threshold to win the nomination outright in bound delegates, it will be more difficult to convince unbound delegates to put him over the top if they see him as a general election disaster-in-the-making due to his high unfavorability ratings among all voters.

How bad are Trump’s image ratings? The HuffPost Pollster average of recent national polls puts Trump’s favorability at only 31 percent, while 63 percent view him unfavorably."

lundi 28 mars 2016

Caricature Cuba et les Stones


Donald Trump "mythbuster" (Émily Thorson, Boston College)

Le succès de Donald Trump défie la logique des commentateurs de la politique américaine. Émily Thorson de Boston College explique ici comment le milliardaire contribue à détruire cinq mythes entretenus par les analystes depuis des années.

 "This is the question everyone seems to be asking these days. Trump’s rise has defied the predictions of pundits and pollsters, repeatedly embarrassing those who swore that he would flame out. I’m a political scientist, and I count myself among that number. In September, I offered my students a $500 bet that he wouldn’t become the Republican nominee — a wager I’m increasingly glad that none of them took me up on.

But while the magnitude of Trump’s victory has come as a surprise to many, it has also made for an incredibly exciting time to teach political science. This isn’t just for the immense attention Trump’s campaign has suddenly brought to the most obscure corners of the democratic process, or how anxious it makes my students. It’s because Donald Trump has provided high-profile, living disproof of some of the most familiar myths of American politics.

Fusillade au Congrès: retour sur les incidents passés

Émoi au Congrès aujourd'hui, les forces de l'ordre ont abattu un homme qui a tenté de pénétrer dans l'accueil des visiteurs avec une arme. On imagine aisément la panique dans le contexte de l'attentat de Bruxelles. Cet article du Washington Post relate les épisodes précédents de violence autour du bâtiment qui accueille les deux chambres des législateurs américains.

Fidel Castro "sermonne" Obama

Tentative de sauver la face (on ne cède pas facilement...) ou réelle division au sein des leaders cubains? Fidel Castro intervient après le départ d'Obama.

 "He offered a “modest suggestion” that the American president reflect on that history “and not offer elaborate theories about Cuban politics.”

“Each of us probably had a heart attack” while listening to Obama, Castro wrote. “After nearly 60 years of ruthless blockade. And how many have died from mercenary attacks on boats, in Cuban ports, on an airplane full of passengers that exploded in full flight, in mercenary invasions and multiple acts of violence and force?

 “No one should fool themselves into thinking that our noble and generous people will renounce their glory and their rights, and the spiritual wealth of our educational, scientific and cultural achievements.

“I’ll add that we are capable of producing our own food and the material wealth we need from the labor and intelligence of our own people,” Castro concluded."

FBI et Apple: l'agence accède au contenu du téléphone de San Bernardino sans l'aide d'Apple

On attend la réaction d'Apple.

 "It is unclear how, precisely, investigators got into the phone, or what FBI agents learned about the San Bernardino plot from the materials they were able to review. On the eve of a hearing in the case last week, the FBI had signaled it might have found a way into Farook’s device, writing in a court filing that “an outside party demonstrated to the FBI a possible method.” But government officials said they wanted to test that method further before employing it in Farook’s case, and they did not offer details about who proposed it or how it would work.

The government will now be left to decide whether it will outline the method to Apple in keeping with a little-known process in which federal officials are supposed to consider disclosing security vulnerabilities they find.

Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president and cybersecurity coordinator, wrote in a White House blog post published in April 2014, that “disclosing vulnerabilities usually makes sense,” given how much people rely on the Internet and connected devices."

Caricature Barack et Raul au baseball


Caricature John Kasich et les mathématiques


Caricature Batman vs Superman version républicaine...


Caricature "Birdie" Sanders


Chronique à "Radio-Canada cet après-midi": le balayage de Bernie Sanders

La chronique débute à 17h48 sur l'audio fil du 28 mars:

jeudi 24 mars 2016

Le Tango d'Obama en Argentine dérange aux États-Unis

Déjà les images du Président effectuant la vague en compagnie de Raul Castro avaient dérangé puisque le Président assistait à un match de baseball quelques heures après l'attentat de Bruxelles. Si on souligne ici l'importance de son passage en Argentine, on critique le fait de voir un Président se divertir plutôt que d'afficher une attitude plus solonnelle.

 “Argentina is actually one of the very rare good news stories in the world,” Haass said, referring to the government’s transition from former President Cristina Kirchner. “You have a new democratic government. They’re doing the right things economically, they’re doing the right things politically. It’s a good story.”

 “However, the advance person who let him do the tango, that person ought to be looking for work on somebody’s — in somebody’s campaign very, very far away,” Haass remarked. “That was a tremendous mistake. It’s fine to go to Argentina, you want to do the work, but you’ve got to be careful of these little photo ops and optics. Baseball games and tangos, that’s inconsistent with the seriousness of the day.”

mercredi 23 mars 2016

Caricature graffiti républicain et armes à feu


Caricature tourisme cubain...


Caricature attentat de Bruxelles et campagne 2016 aux États-Unis: récupération vous dites?


Obama, Castro et la "baseball diplomacy": autre journée historique à la Havane

Bien sûr hier nos pensées étaient presqu'exclusivement dirigées vers la Belgique à la suite du terrible attentat. Toujours à Cuba, le Président Obama s'est exprimé à plusieurs reprises sur le sujet. Sur l'île les yeux étaient tournés vers l'allocution du Président américain et la présence de Castro et Obama au match de baseball. Historique dit-on pour décrire ces trois journées à Cuba? Je ne sais même pas par où commencer pour souligner le nombre de symboles et de gestes aux retombées majeures. Hier seulement on voyait les deux hommes "faire la vague" avec la foule, un joueur qui a quitté illégalement Cuba être ovationné par la foule alors qu'il évolue pour une équipe américaine (Dayron Varona), un lanceur des Rays ému aux larmes par son expérience (Chris Archer) et la veuve du défunt Jackie Robinson faire l'accolade au président américain. Jackie Robinson a évolué à Cuba à l'hiver 1947, bien avant l'embargo et au tout début des plus grandes luttes pour la reconnaissance des droits civiques dans son pays. Tellement de choses ont changé depuis 1947, autant sur l'île qu'aux États-Unis... Il y a de ces journées où je savoure encore plus mon travail d'historien...

 "With those issues as a backdrop, the Rays defeated the Cuban National Team, 4-1, on Tuesday afternoon in front of a capacity crowd at the 55,000-seat stadium. The game was filled with highlights, beginning with Rays outfielder and leadoff man Dayron Varona becoming the first player to defect from Cuba and then return to play a game there. He popped out on the first pitch, saying that he swung so aggressively because he knew the ball was going to the Hall of Fame.

Varona was taken out of the game in the third inning and given a nice ovation by the crowd."

Caricature Bruxelles à la manière Magritte


René Magritte "Le fils de l'homme", 1964

Caricature Bruxelles drapeau en Berne...


Stephen Colbert "innove" pour la St-Patrick

 Je sais, je sais, la "St-Pat" est passée, mais j'avais oublié de relayer ce petit moment de télé. Plus que les pas de danse de Colbert, je souhaitais relayer cette version "humoristique" d'une chanson que j'affectionne. "Danny Boy" est souvent associé aux Irlandais et la version originale qui raconte le message d'un père mourant à son fils me tire presque chaque fois les larmes des yeux. Je vous laisse aussi la version originale, interprétée par des femmes cette fois:


mardi 22 mars 2016

Caricature terrorisme et sécurité


 Une caricature de Bertrams qui présente une note discordante dans le discours de la journée. Une fois de plus on réfère à Tintin, mais cette fois on utilise les deux détectives célèbres pour leur maladresse...

Caricature État islamique et Bruxelles: la réponse belge


Caricature Bruxelles et attentat: stupeur


Ellen Degeneres "So you want to move to Canada": un petit conseil!

Donald Trump et la politique étrangère: les experts républicains confondus

Depuis le début la campagne les experts dénoncent la vacuité des propositions de Donald Trump en politique étrangère. Maintenant entouré d'une équipe il expose lentement mais sûrement sa stratégie. Pour l'instant même les experts de sa formation politique sont confondus. Est-il vraiment entour d'experts?

 "Republican insiders were scratching their heads Monday at names Trump offered as sources of regular advice on national security. Several of those Trump cited during a visit to the Washington Post's editorial board are complete unknowns; others have mixed reputations among GOP national security pros. One prominently cites his attendance at a model United Nations conference as a credential on his LinkedIn page; another has compared President Barack Obama's official national security strategy to a document about slavery written in 1850.

 "I don’t know any of them," said Kori Schake, a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution and a former official in the George W. Bush State Department. "National security is hard to do well even with first rate people. It’s almost impossible to do well with third rate%% people." Befitting a candidate who has threatened to cut off Muslim immigration into the U.S. "until we figure out what the hell is going on," Trump's roster includes two Middle East analysts who view Islamic Sharia law within the U.S. as a dire threat — even though many conservatives consider the issue a fringe obsession."

Trump rencontre l'équipe éditoriale du Washington Post: il représente un risque

Si l'équipe éditoriale a salué la bonne volonté de Trump qui a accepté de répondre aux questions, elle demeure convaincue que son élection à la présidence constituerait un risque important pour les États-Unis.

 "An empty policy basket makes almost impossible the kind of substantive debate on which democracies depend. And while it is true that ambiguity sometimes can be useful in diplomacy, a lack of clarity also can be dangerous, enticing rivals to be aggressive and allies to seek new friends.

The latter risk does not seem to worry Mr. Trump: He describes the fundamental U.S. alliances that have helped keep the peace for the past half-century as essentially obsolete. “NATO is costing us a fortune,” he said. “I think NATO as a concept is good, but it is not as good as it was when it first evolved.” He asked why Japan and South Korea, which already pay a substantial share of the costs of U.S. bases, don’t pay 100 percent. We asked: Does the United States gain nothing by a forward presence to help maintain the peace? “Personally, I don’t think so,” Mr. Trump said. It might have made sense when we were “a very powerful, very wealthy country,” but “we’re a poor country now.”

Obama dénonce l'attentat de Bruxelles

Le Président a rappelé qu'il fallait favoriser les regroupements et l'unité pour lutter contre la menace terroriste.

 “This is yet another reminder that the world must unite. We must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism,” Obama said, speaking at the Gran Teatro in Havana as part of his historic trip to Cuba. “We can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world.”

Bruxelles: les candidats républicains somment le président de rentrer ou de se rendre à Bruxelles

Déjà on assiste à un exercice de récupération de la part des candidats républicains, particulièrement Ted Cruz, à la suite de l'attentat de Bruxelles. Déjà les opposants du président s'opposaient à sa présence sur l'île.

 "“What I hope he will say he's leaving Cuba and heading back to the White House he’s gonna begin to organize meetings with the leaders around the world and at the same time get himself in the position of where we can send teams of people immediately to Europe to begin to dig in terms of what we need to do to address the vulnerabilities we have,” the Ohio governor said. And Cruz, speaking to reporters in Washington, D.C., said that Obama should return home or go to Brussels.

  “We don’t need another lecture from Obama on Islamophobia,” he said.

“The people of America deserve a president who doesn’t grovel before a communist dictator who hates America,” Cruz said, referencing Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Caricature Bruxelles attaquée par les terroristes


Caricature Bruxelles frappée par la terreur


Caricature Hillary, Bernie et les foules


 Certains observateurs, dont le caricaturiste Zyglis, considère que Sanders ne bénéficie pas d'une couverture médiatique équitable. Les médias sont-ils à blâmer? Je n'en suis pas convaincu.  Si on considère ses chances de victoire, je comprends qu'on se concentre d'abord sur la candidate qui des chances sérieuses de devenir la première femme de la présidence américaine.

lundi 21 mars 2016

Contribution au TVA nouvelles du 20 mars

Dans la section vidéo du site. Les échanges avec Julie Couture débute à 1 minute et 25 secondes:

Obama a-t-il piégé Castro?

Une conférence de presse est une chose rare à Cuba et Raul Castro risque de se souvenir de celle d'aujourd'hui. Le dirigeant cubain a été pressé de questions sur lesquelles on ne l'entend presque jamais. L'administration Obama avait longuement négocié la participation de Castro aux échanges avec les représentants de la presse.

 "The negotiations went up to the final hours, and came down to White House officials counting on Cubans watching American movies and TV. U.S. officials pressed their Cuba counterparts early Monday morning, according to one American familiar with the discussions, and leveled with them — you’ve seen how this goes: The president finishes speaking and everyone shoots their hands in the air and the president takes a question. It'll be really embarrassing if your president is just standing there or walks out.

Just before the press conference, reporters were led in for a brief look at the bilateral meeting between the two leaders, the American and Cuban flags hanging behind them, the delegations facing each other on either side. Obama never does a great job of hiding how silly he thinks that kind of access is. Castro seemed to be picking up on that, saying through a translator as they posed for the handshake, “make them happy.”

By the time they moved into the press conference next door, Castro clearly wasn’t happy."

Intervention au Téléjournal Québec: visite d'Obama à Cuba

L'intervention débute à la quatorzième minute dans le Téléjournal du 21 mars

Caricature Obama "cuba libre"


Caricature Trump et l'unité républicaine...

Caricature de RJ MATSON, ROLL CALL

Caricature États-Unis-Cuba: quelques accrocs au rapprochement...


Chronique à "Radio-Canada cet après-midi": Obama à Cuba et "stop Trump"

La chronique débute vers 17h44 tout de suite après les sports et Jean-Philippe Martin. Sur l'audio fil du 21 mars 2016: