lundi 29 février 2016

Donald Trump: des sondages inquiétants pour le G.O.P.

La domination du milliardaire est si importante qu'on se demande si, même en se regroupant derrière un seul candidat, on peut parvenir à le freiner...

 "— Trump is dominating among Republicans and GOP leaners who are college graduates, with 46 percent, to 19 percent for Rubio, 13 percent for Cruz, and nine percent for Kasich.

— Trump is dominating among suburban Republicans, with 51 percent, to 16 percent for Rubio, 13 percent for Cruz, and six percent for Kasich. As James Hohmann has reported, Rubio’s strategy is heavily focused on winning suburban areas in many Super Tuesday states and beyond.

 — Trump is dominating among Republicans who make $50,000 or more, with 50 percent, to 16 percent for Rubio, 15 percent for Cruz, and eight percent for Kasich.

— Trump is dominating among Republicans who are under 55, with 47 percent, to 17 percent for Rubio, 14 percent for Cruz, and five percent for Kasich. (Unfortunately, the samples are too small to break out younger groups.)"

Chronique à "Radio-Canada cet après-midi": "Super tuesday", KKK et l'armée qui pourrait désobéir à Trump!!

La chronique débute à 17h45 sur l'audio fil du 29 février:

Caricature Trump et le KKK: connait pas...


Caricature Iran et élections: l'heure du "choix"


Caricature Leonardo DiCaprio remporte l'oscar


Caricature Trump et le KKK


 Trump a attendu longtemps avant de commenter les événements de la fin de semaine impliquant le KKK. Il a d'abord laissé planer le doute avant de corriger le tir un peu plus tard hier.

John Oliver s'en prend à Donald Trump!

vendredi 26 février 2016

Caricature Chris Christie supporte Trump


Caricature Oscars de la campagne électorale


Caricature Colonel Sanders, Bernie Sanders


Chronique à "Radio-Canada cet après-midi": débat républicain, point sur la campagne et ""

La chronique débute à 17h17 sur l'audio fil du 26 février:

Stephen Colbert et ses conseils pour les Oscars

Caricature GOP et les autocollants


Caricature Jeb Bush remercie ses donateurs


Caricature Oscars et discrimination


 McKee, un caricaturiste du sud qui n'est généralement pas tendre avec les progressistes, s'en prend ici à la réputation "d'ouverture" souvent accolée à l'industrie cinématographique d'Hollywood.

Chris Christie se range derrière Donald trump

Pour Donald Trump l'appui de Chris Christie n'est pas un gain très important, mais on peut se demander pourquoi le gouverneur du New Jersey se range derrière le candidat le plus controversé. Négocierait-il déjà une place dans la campagne présidentielle de Trump ou un poste dans une future administration?

 "Christie said he could "guarantee you that the one person that Hillary and Bill Clinton do not want to see on that stage is Donald Trump," remarking that the Clintons "do not know the playbook of Donald Trump because he is rewriting the playbook.”

Hillary Clinton devrait publier le contenu de ses discours à des firmes de Wall Street (New York Times)

L'équipe éditoriale du New York Times presse Hillary Clinton de divulguer le contenu des discours pour lesquels elle a été payée.

 "Public interest in these speeches is legitimate, and it is the public — not the candidate — who decides how much disclosure is enough. By stonewalling on these transcripts Mrs. Clinton plays into the hands of those who say she’s not trustworthy and makes her own rules. Most important, she is damaging her credibility among Democrats who are begging her to show them that she’d run an accountable and transparent White House."

Donald Trump: les 100 premiers jours de sa présidence

Président Trump... On peut se demander à quoi ressemblerait une administration Trump et laisser aller notre imagination. C'est un peu ce que fait Matt Latimer dans cet article de POLITICO Magazine.

 "After he takes the oath of office, he kisses his wife, Melania. His children hug him excitedly. Former President Barack Obama, a bewildered look on his face, shakes his hand. A few rows back Howard Stern gives the new president a thumbs up. Behind him Dennis Rodman mutters something incomprehensible. And then Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, turns to the lectern to offer an inaugural address that for the first time in history is being delivered without any text or, as much as anyone can tell, without any preparation whatsoever.

This is usually the point when Mitch McConnell wakes up screaming, his face drenched in cold sweat."

Caricature stratégie électorale: un choix éclairé


Vincente Fox et Felipe Calderon répondent à Trump

Deux anciens présidents du Mexique interviennent sur la question de la construction d'un mur à la frontière.

 "While the Mexican government has said little about Mr. Trump’s plan to beef up border security, two of the country’s former presidents have a message for Mr. Trump: Mexico won’t pay.

 “I’m not going to pay,” Vicente Fox said, using a profanity to comment about the wall Thursday in an interview with Fusion. “He should pay for it. He’s got the money.”

Mr. Fox, who was president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, was clear in his opposition to Mr. Trump, calling him “egocentric” and lacking in any political values. Mr. Fox also expressed disbelief that Mr. Trump did well with Hispanic voters in the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday and called on them to open their eyes.

“I’d like to know who those Hispanics are,” Mr. Fox said. “They are followers of a false prophet.”

 Mr. Fox’s successor, Felipe Calderón, expressed similar concerns about the wall this month.

“Mexican people, we are not going to pay any single cent for such a stupid wall!” Mr. Calderón told CNBC. “And it’s going to be completely useless.”

Mr. Calderón, who was president from 2006 until 2012, went on to argue that Mr. Trump was misinformed about the flow of immigrants from Mexico to the United States and that closing the border would harm America’s economy."

Caricature fermeture de Guantanamo et réaction des terroristes


Marco Rubio hausse le ton, mais est-ce trop tard?

Marco Rubio a été beaucoup plus agressif à l'endroit de Donald Trump pendant le débat hier. Je vous laisse trois liens pour des analyses du Washington Post. Rubio a-t-il attendu trop longtemps? A-t-il assez de temps pour freiner l'élan du milliardaire?

 "Rubio used his opening statement to issue an implicit attack on Trump. He argued that what Republicans need is a nominee who would carry both the conservatism and the optimism of former president Ronald Reagan into the general election, rather than “a party that preys on people’s angers and fears.”

That was only the start. Within minutes, he had charged Trump with building Trump Tower with illegal immigrants, of running “a fake university” and of becoming wealthy by inheriting a fortune.

“If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now?” Rubio asked. “Selling watches.”

Voici les liens:

Caricature Trump le conquérant


Caricature Chris Rock anime les Oscars


jeudi 25 février 2016

Caricature Apollo 10 et les bruits étranges...


Bernie Sanders et ses origines juives (New York Times)

Un article qui met en lumière le fait que Bernie Sanders ne mentionne que très peu ses croyances religieuses depuis le début de la campagne. Peu importe ses croyances ou sa pratique, Bernie Sanders peut se rassurer, la question ne pèsera pas lourd dans la campagne.

 "Still, Mr. Sanders’s Jewishness, even in its secular style, may not be much of an issue. A Gallup poll last year found that 92 percent of Americans said they would vote for a Jewish president, double the percentage from when Gallup first asked the question in 1937, and roughly the same as those who said they would vote for a woman, an African-American, a Catholic or a Hispanic. (Only 47 percent, however, said they would vote for a socialist.)"

Caricature Romney vs Trump


 Candidat malheureux en 2012, Mitt Romney ajoute son grain de sel à la campagne 2016 en demandant aux candidats de dévoiler leurs rapports d'impôts. Il a affirmé que ceux de Trump pourraient bien contenir des informations qui auraient l'effet d'une bombe. On se rappellera que Romney lui-même avait géré cette question maladroitement pendant sa campagne.

John Kasich: pourquoi s'accrocher? Petit leçon de négociation...

Vous demandez peut-être pourquoi John Kasich n'abandonne pas encore alors qu'il est peu présent sur le terrain en prévision du "Super tuesday" de mardi prochain? Cet article avance une réponse intéressante. Comme Rubio est le seul candidat qui reçoit l'appui des dirigeants du parti, Kasich tente de "négocier son départ". Il veut pousser Rubio à lui proposer quelque chose d'intéressant avant de lui concéder toute la place dans l'électorat plus modéré. Tout, ou presque, est négociable en politique.

 "Although Mr. Rubio is the obvious establishment favorite, leading Mr. Kasich in national polls, prediction markets and delegate math, the two are splitting some votes. To have his best chance against Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Mr. Rubio needs Mr. Kasich to drop out. The longer both candidates remain in the race, the worse it is for both of them. It’s safe to assume neither would like to see Mr. Trump get the nomination."

Débat républicain de Houston: ce sera brutal!

Il faut s'attendre à une joute particulièrement dure ce soir. Cruz et Rubio se doivent d'attaquer Trump régulièrement, mais ils devront également se faire face. Qui est le candidat capable de freiner Trump?

 "At this critical juncture in the race, with Trump on a three-state win streak and Republican operatives questioning whether time is running out to stop the New York billionaire, tonight’s fireworks-filled forum will provide a window into the contenders’ end-game strategies."

Caricature Moby Don: peut-on le freiner?


Caricature Facebook "likes"

Caricature de NATE BEELER, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH la boussole électorale américaine

Quel candidat ou candidate offre un programme qui rejoint vos valeurs ou vos intérêts? Nous ne voterons pas novembre prochain ou pendant les primaires/caucus, mais ce questionnaire réserve parfois quelques surprises...

Antonin Scalia membre d'une société appelée "The International Order of St. Hubert"?

Le Washington Post révélait ce matin que le juge Antonin Scalia, décédé il y a peu, était en compagnie de membres d'une société fondée au XVIIe siècle quand on l'a retrouvé mort dans son lit. La société fait la promotion de la chasse de la pêche, mais y adhérer est difficile et ses membres seraient influents.

 "Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robes emblazoned with a large cross and the motto “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures,” according to the group’s website. Some hold titles, such as Grand Master, Prior and Knight Grand Officer. The Order’s name is in honor of Hubert, the patron saint of hunters and fishermen.%% Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter and C. Allen Foster, a prominent Washington lawyer who traveled to the ranch with Scalia by private plane, hold leadership positions within the Order. It is unclear what, if any, official association Scalia had with the group.

Voici le lien pour le chapitre américain de l'ordre:

 Lien pour l'article dans le Washington Post:

mercredi 24 février 2016

Le GOP doit tout faire pour freiner Trump (éditorial Washington Post)

Le Washington Post demande aux meneurs républicains de s'engager à ne pas envisager que la victoire...

 "So it falls to other leaders to decide if their party will stand for anything other than winning. A political party, after all, isn’t meant to be merely a collection of consultants, lobbyists and functionaries angling for jobs. It is supposed to have principles: in the Republican case, at least as we have always understood it, to include a commitment to efficient government, free markets and open debate."

Brian Sandoval le candidat d'Obama pour la Cour suprême?

Sandoval est l'actuel gouverneur républicain du Nevada. Obama étudie la possibilité de le nommer parce que Sandoval est généralement "plus au centre" que plusieurs républicains et parqu'il a démontré sa capacité à travailler avec des démocrates. Obama tente ainsi de venir à bout de la résistance des sénateurs républicains qui ne cessent de répéter qu'ils s'opposeront à des nominations de l'Actuel président américain. Un sondage récent révèle que les américains souhaitent que le Sénat étudie les propositions d'Obama.

 "Referring to McConnell and Senate Republicans on Wednesday morning, Obama said: “I recognize the politics are hard for them, because the easier thing to do is to give in to the most extreme voices within their party and stand pat and do nothing.”

Obama also predicted that the Republican position “may evolve” if the public believes his nominee is “very well qualified.”

“I don’t expect Mitch McConnell to say that is the case today. I don’t expect any member of the Republican caucus to stick their head out at the moment and say that. But let’s see how the public responds to the nominee that we put forward,” the president said."

Les présidents américains les plus intelligents de l'histoire

Pour l'anecdote seulement... Un petit divertissement à la fin de la journée. Notez que le président Obama n'a pas été considéré pour cette recherche. Et le "gagnant est... John Quincy Adams. En consultant la liste vous constaterez rapidement que le QI n'est pas forcément lié au succès de l'homme politique.

 "While a high IQ does not guarantee success, it is true that intelligence is often associated with effective leaders. But does that trend hold true for U.S. presidents? Are the most successful presidents also the most intelligent?

With that question in mind, InsideGov ranked the 27 smartest presidents in U.S. history, using data from UC Davis professor, Dean Simonton. In a 2006 study, Simonton used historiometric methods to estimate each president’s IQ, analyzing information from their biographies and writings that would indicate a higher-than-average intellect."

Marco Rubio a du pain sur la planche

Marco Rubio est maintenant clairement le choix des autorités de sa formation politique et il cumule les appuis. Il devra maintenant gagner le coeur des électeurs et le 1er mars sera une journée déterminante. Si Trump sort clairement victorieux du "Super tuesday" ce sera très difficile, presqu'impossible, de le battre par la suite.

 "But endorsements do not equal delegates. And it’s not yet clear if and where Rubio can win at the start of next month, either. Trump even leads in Rubio’s home state of Florida, which hosts a key winner-take-all primary on March 15. John Kasich is pledging to stay on through the Midwest primaries, denying Rubio’s campaign the chance to truly consolidate the establishment wing. Ben Carson isn’t dropping out either, and his continued presence in the race pulls mostly from Cruz, but also from Rubio.

Even party elders are seeing the rocky road ahead for anyone not named Trump. Onetime GOP nominee and former Sen. Bob Dole announced his support for Rubio on Monday after having backed Bush. But if Trump sweeps Super Tuesday, Dole told ABC news, "that's going to be hard to deny him the nomination. And if reality sets in and he's gonna start counting enough delegates, we've got to hope he'll be a good president."

Caricature Arabie Saoudite et coalition musulmane antiterroriste


Plaque d'immatriculation anti-musulmans: le Minnesota intervient

L'état du Minnesota est intervenu pour retirer de la circulation une plaque d'immatriculation dont le message semblait dirigé contre la communauté musulmane. Parle-t-on ici d'islamophobie? Possible.

 "The application for the plate, which the state agency released this week amid outcry over its message, notes that “FMUSLMS” — along with the applicant’s second and third choices, “PETALOL” and “8LGTHG” — are the “name of a musical band he is in.”

A prominent U.S. Muslim civil rights group thinks it’s something else entirely: “A symptom of the unfortunate mainstreaming of Islamophobia in our society,” according to Ibrahim Hooper, a national spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations."

#blackgirlmagic: plus qu'un hashtag, un mouvement

De la chanson "Formation" de Beyoncé à la visite de Virginia McLaurin (afro-américaine de 106 ans) à la Maison Blanche, il y a un dénominateur commun. Elles sont de plus en plus nombreuses à afficher ouvertement leur fierté d'être noires.

 "The concept is important because it names and identifies the ways that black women make space for themselves, celebrate themselves, and connect to each other," said Asia Leeds, an assistant professor at Spelman College in Atlanta. "I think that the various hashtags allow us to curate our magic and facilitate new connections and discoveries."

Bernie Sanders et le "blues du Vermont"

Bernie Sanders remportera le vote au Vermont mardi prochain, mais si les électeurs démocrates de l'état apprécient leur sénateur, on ne peut en dire autant des représentants du parti. La machine démocrate favorise toujours Hillary Clinton.

 "It wasn’t until a week ago that Sanders finally got his first big Vermont endorsement: Congressman Peter Welch. Nearly everyone else of national stature, including Gov. Peter Shumlin, former Gov. Howard Dean, Sen. Pat Leahy, and former Gov. Madeleine Kunin, is backing Clinton.

 The more expansive list of Vermont Democratic notables— which the Clinton campaign is happy to unroll — goes on and on."

Bernie Sanders a-t-il abandonné en Caroline du sud?

Nous savions déjà que l'écart le séparant de Mme Clinton en Caroline du sud était important, mais même s'il prétend ne pas perdre espoir, Bernie Sanders investit ses ressources ailleurs.

 "Sanders was in Massachusetts Monday night and Virginia Tuesday morning. While he attended a televised town hall in South Carolina Tuesday night and followed with an early morning news conference, his itinerary Wednesday consisted of events in Kansas City, Missouri, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. After that, his schedule called for a trip to Ohio Thursday — with stops in other March-voting states likely to be added, an aide said.

A candidate’s time is a campaign’s most precious resource, so by spending so much of it somewhere other than South Carolina, the Sanders campaign is engaging in the cold calculus of primary politics — making the tough decision to send the senator to the states where he expects to be the most competitive."

Caricature John Kerry, la Syrie et le plan "B"


Trump écrase la concurrence et annonce que la course sera de courte durée

Troisième victoire pour Trump qui tentera de maintenir la cadence mardi prochain lors du "Super tuesday". Pour Cruz et Rubio ce sera la journée la plus importante de la course jusqu'à maintenant.

 "He concluded his victory over the rest of the Republican Party was only a matter of time -- and not much time at that.

“It’s going to be an amazing two months,” said Trump, flanked by his two adult sons, his campaign manager, his press secretary and his Nevada state director. “We might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest.”

Visualizing his conquest in detail, Trump name-checked the home states of his three remaining serious rivals as he hailed polling in primaries set for March 1 and the two big winner-take-all contests set for March 15."

Caricature Apple nouveau logo


Caricature Obama, Cuba et les droits de l'homme


mardi 23 février 2016

Beyoncé: la controverse ne meurt pas

La performance Beyoncé pendant le Super bowl suscite toujours des réactions.

 "Departments across the country have been discussing symbolic stands against the singer, whose video also featured imagery closely aligned with the #BlackLivesMatters movement. One scene in the "Formation" video features a young African-American boy in a hoodie dancing in front of a line of police officers wearing riot gear; then, the words "Stop Shooting Us" appear in graffiti on a wall.

A police union in Raleigh, North Carolina, is set to vote tonight on whether off-duty officers should avoid providing security for her upcoming show there."

Caricature John Kasich: toujours possible?


Les Tours de Laliberté migrent: rejoignez-moi sur le site du Journal de Québec et du Journal de Montréal

Depuis un certain temps je me demandais comment faire évoluer mon petit carnet web. La réponse m'est parvenue par le biais d'u...