lundi 27 février 2017

Trump se prépare pour le Congrès: "A closer look" de Seth Meyers

Caricature Hillary a-t-elle rêvé aux Oscars?


Des Oscars trop politisés?


 Trop de "théâtre" et de bons sentiments répétés ad nauseam? Beeler croit que oui...

Donald Trump est-il le nouveau William Jennings Bryan? Non!!

Bien content de lire ce texte aujourd'hui, j'avais également relevé cette déclaration de Steve Bannon qui comparait Donald Trump au candidat démocrate de la fin dix-neuvième siècle et début vingtième vingtième siècle, William Jennings Bryan. Deux hommes en mesure de galvaniser des foules grâce à une rhétorique progressiste? Pour sûr!! Mais le portrait global ne laisse aucun doute sur le fossé qui sépare les deux hommes.

 "What’s more, Bryan was equally skilled at making long, popular defenses of Christianity as he was at standing up for what he called “the producing classes” against the “money power.” He gave one speech, “The Prince of Peace,” more than 2,000 times before audiences all over the world. In it, Bryan managed to merge his belief in Biblical literalism with a case, inflected with the Social Gospel, that men and women who had a “personal responsibility to God” should learn to restrain their selfish, individualistic ambitions and serve the common welfare. As we know from Trump’s awkward reference last January to the Biblical book of “Two Corinthians,” he knows very little about the religious text he professes to revere.

There are historical figures Trump calls to mind, of course. The president’s heated bombast resembles that of several right-wing populist figures from America’s more-recent past: Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s unsubstantiated attacks on Communists in the federal government and Alabama Governor George Wallace’s digs at Washington bureaucrats who allegedly let criminals run rampant. Like those men, Bryan was a provocative and polarizing figure. But he did not simply stir audiences to vote for Democrats or be good Christians, he strove to convince people with rational arguments. And he wrote every speech he gave himself."

Controverse aux Oscars: un scénario de film?

Retour du New York Times sur la controverse entourant l'annonce de l'oscar pour le meilleur film, mais aussi retour sur les moments forts de cette cérémonie et ils furent nombreux. Je pense moins ici à cette erreur de la fin ou à l'humour politique de Jimmy Kimmel et plus aux nombreuses nominations d'artisans noirs ou encore à la déclaration du réalisateur iranien Asghar Farhadi.

 "The night’s first award went to Mr. Ali, who tearfully thanked the cast and crew of “Moonlight” and his own family. “Peace and blessings,” he said, avoiding a repeat of the pointed comments he made at previous awards shows about the Trump administration’s travel ban.

 After two years when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was criticized as racist for overlooking black actors and films about African-American experiences, this year’s nominee list was remarkably diverse. Six black actors received nominations, a record.

Caricature éclairage médiatique


dimanche 26 février 2017

Caricature Trump n'assistera pas au souper des correspondants de la presse


Que veut Steve Bannon?

L'éminence grise de Donald Trump fascine et inquiète à la fois. Le New York Times lui réserve un portrait très intéressant ce matin.

 "Those focused on Mr. Bannon’s ideology are probably barking up the wrong tree. There are plenty of reasons for concern about Mr. Bannon, but they have less to do with where he stands on the issues than with who he is as a person. He is a newcomer to political power and, in fact, relatively new to an interest in politics. He is willing to break with authority. While he does not embrace any of the discredited ideologies of the last century, he is attached to a theory of history’s cycles that is, to put it politely, untested. Most ominously, he is an intellectual in politics excited by grand theories — a combination that has produced unpredictable results before.

 We’ll see how it works out. Barack Obama, in a similar way, used to allude to the direction and the “arc” of history. Some may find the two theories of history equally naïve and unrealistic. Others may see a mitigating element in the cyclical nature of Mr. Bannon’s view. A progressive who believes history is more or less linear is fighting for immortality when he enters the political arena. A conservative who believes history is cyclical is fighting only for a role in managing, say, the next 20 or 80 years. Then his work will be undone, as everyone’s is eventually."

Caricature Trappist 1 rencontre la terre


Tom Perez nouveau président du Parti démocrate

Tom Perez n'était pas le favori des éléments les plus progressistes de la formation politique, ce qui explique que tout de suite après l'annonce de sa victoire il se soit tourné vers son rival comme bras droit. Pendant la dernière campagne Bernie Sanders a inspiré beaucoup de gens avec sa "révolution" et il est important de ne pas perdre ces appuis pour maintenir l'unité du parti. Est-ce que ce sera suffisant?

 "Immediately after taking over, Perez moved to name Ellison his deputy chairman, aiming to unify a divided party.

"When we have these conversations, sometimes spirited, sometimes difficult, that's not a sign of weakness, that's a sign of strength as a party and that's what were going to keep doing,” Perez said.

“If you came here supporting me, wearing a Keith t-shirt, or any t-shirt, I’m asking you to give everything you’ve got to support Chairman Perez,” said Ellison, accepting the role. “You love this country, you love all the people in it, you care about each and every one of them, urban, rural, suburban, all cultures, all faiths, everybody, and they are in need of your help. And if we waste even a moment going at it over who supported who, we are not going to be standing up for those people. We don’t have the luxury, folks, to walk out of this room divided.""

samedi 25 février 2017

Caricature Donald Trump et la liberté de presse


Caricature États-Unis divisés


Les Démocrates déchirés autour du choix du prochain président du parti

Les démocrates peinent toujours à se relever de cette défaite contre Donald Trump et l'élection du prochain président de la formation divise les troupes. Tom Perez, le meneur, est perçu comme trop près de l'establishment alors que son adversaire, Keith Ellison, plaît aux éléments les plus progressistes. S'il l'emportait, Ellison deviendrait le premier président musulman d'une formation politique. Les progressistes étaient déjà amers suite à la défaire de Bernie Sanders et on peut s'attendre à des critiques virulentes si Perez sort gagnant de l'exercice.

 "But outside of the DNC, progressive writers and organizers have begun to ring alarms about an Ellison defeat. On Friday morning, a number of groups that had endorsed Ellison, including, 350 Action and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, asked DNC members “to be heroes” and back the congressman’s campaign.

“If Keith Ellison is DNC Chair, we can hit the ground running — and because of the pre-existing trust that exists between Keith and the grassroots, every state party would have a head start harnessing the power of the resistance,” they wrote.

On Thursday and Friday, The New Republic and The Intercept published long pieces asking why Perez needed to run in the first place, highlighting the criticism of Ellison from donors. “If the plan to sink Ellison succeeds, the message that will be heard — fairly or not — is that the Democratic Party continues to venerate loyalty to its oligarchical donors above all else,” wrote The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald."

Donald Trump en guerre contre Chicago?

Je ne compte plus le nombre de fois où le Président Trump a mentionné la ville de Chicago comme exemple de ce qui ne va pas ou plus aux États-Unis. Les élus locaux commence à trouver que le fardeau est lourd à porter.

 "“I think the president is still upset that we did not allow him to use our city as a backdrop for a campaign stop,” said Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, who has led some of the city’s opposition to the president. “We didn’t give him a forum. I think he’s still getting over that.”

Trump’s criticisms are grounded in fact — homicides and shootings have surged — but it’s also true that the City of Big Shoulders has had its own tendency to hit Trump hard, sometimes close to the belt.

Last summer, for instance, Chicago protesters thwarted Trump’s attempt to hold a large campaign rally in the city, essentially booing him off the stage before he could step foot onto it."

La Maison Blanche souhait recourir à des agents du renseignement pour contrer les attaques sur la Russie

Une information de plus qui montre bien à quel point ce dossier préoccupe l'administration Trump. Puisque le F.B.I. a refusé d'intervenir publiquement dans ce dossier, la Maison Blanche a préféré recourir à des agents du renseignement.

 "The officials broadly dismissed Trump associates’ contacts with Russia as infrequent and inconsequential. But the officials would not answer substantive questions about the issue, and their comments were not published by The Post and do not appear to have been reported elsewhere.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer confirmed that the White House communicated with officials with the aim of contesting reporting on Russia, but maintained that the administration did nothing improper. “When informed by the FBI that [the ­Russia-related reporting] was false, we told reporters who else they should contact to corroborate the FBI’s version of the story,” he said.

The decision to involve those officials could be perceived as threatening the independence of U.S. spy agencies that are supposed to remain insulated from partisan issues, as well as undercutting the credibility of ongoing congressional probes. Those officials saw their involvement as an attempt to correct coverage they believed to be erroneous."

vendredi 24 février 2017

Caricature vision Trump


Caricature Oscars, politique et célébrités


Caricature Oscars et politique


CNN, le New York Times, POLITICO et le Los Angeles Times bloqués par la Maison Blanche

Pas nécessairement évident de trouver des précédents...

 "New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet wrote, "Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties. We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest."

The Associated Press and Time magazine boycotted the briefing because of how it was handled.%% The White House Correspondents Association also protested the move.

"The WHCA board is protesting strongly against how today's gaggle is being handled by the White House," it said in a statement. "We encourage the organizations that were allowed in to share the material with others in the press corps who were not. The board will be discussing this further with White House staff."

Les hispanophones de plus en plus inquiets (Pew Research Center)

Les hispanophones craignent de plus en plus pour leur situation aux États-Unis depuis l'élection de Donald Trump.

 "Hispanics are divided about what a Donald Trump presidency means for their place in America, according to a Pew Research Center survey of Hispanic adults taken before his inauguration. The survey also finds that a rising share believes the situation of U.S. Hispanics is worsening and that about half of Hispanics are worried about the deportation of someone they know.

About half (54%) of Hispanics say they are confident about their place in America after Trump’s election while four-in-ten Hispanics (41%) say they have serious concerns about their place in America."

Caricature nouvelles planètes et retombées


Caricature Mike Pence en Europe


Trump le "Tiger Woods de l'hypocrisie: "A closer look" de Seth Meyers

Discours de Trump au Congrès et tradition: les Démocrates vont-il serrer la main du président?

La question peut sembler bien futile, mais les implications sont sérieuses. Nous savions déjà que la politique américaine est particulièrement polarisée, mais jusqu'à maintenant les traditions les plus élémentaires sont respectées. Il y a bien eu le cas de ce représentant républicain qui avait crié "menteur" pendant une allocution de Barack Obama, mais normalement on montre du respect pour les institutions et l'étiquette. Déjà plusieurs Démocrates ne sont pas présentés pour l'assermentation du nouveau président.

 "This is just the latest example of how Trump has scrambled the most basic of traditions in Washington. On Jan. 20, for Trump’s inauguration, a third of House Democrats publicly declared they were boycotting the swearing-in ceremony, led by civil rights icon John Lewis (D-Ga.), who declared Trump an illegitimate president because of alleged Russian meddling with the 2016 election contest.

In the Senate, Democrats have turned the normally brisk pace of confirming a new president’s Cabinet into an unprecedented slog — even for less controversial nominees. And this week, thousands of liberal anti-Trump activists have descended on town hall meetings with lawmakers to protest the new president."

Caricature Obamacare embête les Républicains


Caricature America great again?


jeudi 23 février 2017

Le F.B.I. refuse de laisser tomber le dossier des relations entre Trump et la Russie

L'administration Trump aurait demandé au F.B.I. de mettre de côté les histoires récentes qui lient l'entourage de Donald Trump à la Russie. Les liens directs entre une administration et le F.B.I. ne sont pas fréquents.

 "The discussions between the White House and the bureau began with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on the sidelines of a separate White House meeting the day after the stories were published, according to a U.S. law enforcement official.

A White House official disputes that account, saying that McCabe called Priebus early that morning and said The New York Times story vastly overstates what the FBI knows about the contacts. The White House official said that Priebus later reached out again to McCabe and to FBI Director James Comey asking for the FBI to at least talk to reporters on background to dispute the stories. A law enforcement official says McCabe didn't discuss aspects of the case but wouldn't say exactly what McCabe told Priebus."

Paul Manafort victime de chantage?

Manafort, qui a dirigé la campagne de Donnald Trump pendant un moment, aurait été victime de chantage de la part d'un parlementaire ukrainien.

" Attached to the text is a note to Paul Manafort referring to “bulletproof” evidence related to Manafort’s financial arrangement with Ukraine’s former president, the pro-Russian strongman Viktor Yanukovych, as well as an alleged 2012 meeting between Trump and a close Yanukovych associate named Serhiy Tulub.

“Considering all the facts and evidence that are in my possession, and before possible decision whether to pass this to [the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine] or FBI I would like to get your opinion on this and maybe your way to work things out that will persuade me to do otherwise,” reads the note. It is signed “Sergii” — an alternative transliteration of Leshchenko’s given name — and it urges Manafort to respond to an email address that reporters have used to reach Leshchenko."

Administration Trump et marijuana: contrôle accru

Alors que plusieurs états ont légiféré sur la légalisation de la vente et de la consommation, le porte-parole de la Maison Blanche annonçait aujourd'hui que l'administration allait resserrer les contrôles.

 "Spicer suggested that the administration is opposed to encouraging recreational marijuana use and connected it with the crisis with opioid addiction in some areas.

“When you see something like the opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people,” he said.

The Department of Justice, Spicer said, will be “further looking into” the marijuana enforcement question, he said, punting questions about the specifics to the department."

Caricature Trump, les exoplanètes et le mur!


Caricature la machine Trump bien huilée...


Caricature Trump et les exoplanètes


Caricature Trump relance la guerre des toilettes transgenres


Caricature cabinet Trump


McMaster un contrepoids pour Bannon?

J'ai déjà mentionné en début de semaine que la nouvelle recrue de Donald Trump constituait un bon choix pour une administration en quête de crédibilité et de stabilité. Cette nomination aurait suscité la colère de certains islamophobes aux États-Unis qui trouvaient en Steve Bannon, conseiller du président, un appui à leurs revendications.

 "The Islamophobes are not wrong to sense that McMaster will be hostile to their worldview, according to those who know him best. McMaster spent much of his career fighting and winning wars in the Middle East, which required him to know the local cultures and treat Muslims like humans rather than scripturally programmed robots. “He absolutely does not view Islam as the enemy,” said Pete Mansoor, who served with McMaster in Iraq. “He understands that the world is not one dimensional, that the Muslim world is not one dimensional,” said John Nagl, who also served with McMaster. In other words, the complicated causes of terrorism require complicated solutions."

Des avocats d'Obama regroupés pour "défendre la démocratie"

En s'inspirant du dernier discours d'Obama, plusieurs de ses avocats se sont regroupés au sein de "United to Protect Democracy" parce qu'ils craignent que le nouveau président n'abuse de ses pouvoirs.

 "They started by submitting 50 Freedom of Information Act requests this week that they believe will confirm their suspicions. The plan is to bring what they find to reporters, build it into pressure for congressional oversight with the help of a campaign director they’ll hire, and, as necessary, to file lawsuits.

They’re also hoping to establish themselves as a base for government employees worried about ethics violations — up to and including becoming whistleblowers — and are hoping that their website,,can become a resource.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, responding to the group's formation, said, "This administration has raised the level of ethics training and oversight to a new level compared to the practices of the previous administration."

Caricature Rex Tillerson au Mexique


Caricature décret migratoire: un peu d'histoire


Les Républicains ne remplaceront pas Obamacare (John Boehner)

L'ancien Speaker républicain de la chambre s'exprimait plus tôt aujourd'hui.

 "Instead, he said changes to former President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement would likely be relatively modest.

“[Congressional Republicans are] going to fix Obamacare – I shouldn’t call it repeal-and-replace, because it’s not going to happen,” he said."

Caricature Trump et les massacres

Caricature de Nick Anderson, Editorial Cartoons Page

Caricature Mar-A-Lago la Maison Blanche du sud


mercredi 22 février 2017

Caricature politique d'immigration américaine


Caricature Trump narcissique?


Comprendre la signification de l'élection de Donald Trump (Wall Street Journal)

Croire que l'implication de la Russie explique l'élection de Donald Trump est réducteur et nous empêche de voir les véritables facteurs derrière sa victoire.

 "They are fools to do so. The election represents serious data from the world. Sixty-three million Americans were trying to get Washington’s attention. We still hope for real achievements. At worst, Trumpian gridlock is probably better than Obama gridlock (look at the stock market). In the meantime, the body politic will listen to itself. In four years, thanks to Mr. Trump, it will have been drilled into both parties’ heads just how badly things have gone wrong in our country by the lights of millions of our fellow citizens."

Caricature faits alternatifs et détection...


La constitution américaine s'applique-t-elle à la frontière?

Au moment où Donald Trump dévoile de nouvelles mesures pour récupérer et déporter les immigrants illégaux, la Cour suprême se penche sur un cas fascinant dont les retombées pourraient être particulièrement lourdes de conséquences. La cause oppose un officier des douanes à la famille d'un jeune mexicain abattu par cet officier alors qu'il se trouvait en sol mexicain. Au-delà des détails de l'incident qu'il faut valider, il y a également un enjeu de taille relié à la décision du plus haut tribunal. Cette cause ouvrirait-elle la porte à des poursuites contre ceux qui contrôlent les drones américains qui frappent au-delà de la frontière?

 "Questions don’t always telegraph a Justice’s position, but they are the best evidence we have. The court’s four moderate liberals seemed to be laboring to help Hilliard construct a proposed rule that might win five votes; Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito seemed to be worried that applying the Constitution to this case might lead to tort actions against U.S. drone pilots who sit in the U.S. and guide drone aircraft on bombing strikes abroad; and Justice Kennedy seemed to be agonized about the potential bad effects of federal courts blundering into “the most sensitive areas of foreign affairs.”"

Trump et déportation d'illégaux: le président matérialise sa promesse de campagne

Déjà Barack Obama avait resserré les contrôles, Donald Trump durcit les mesures un peu plus. Ces mesures pourraient prendre des mois à mettre en place et le financement des opérations n'a pas été précisé. Ici aussi l'administration Trump pourrait se buter à tribunaux.

 "“The message is: The immigration law is back in business,” said Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports restricted immigration. “That violating immigration law is no longer a secondary offense.”

 Lawyers and advocates for immigrants said the new policies could still be challenged in court. Maricopa County in Arizona spent years defending its sheriff at the time, Joseph Arpaio, in federal court, where he was found to have discriminated against Latinos."