mercredi 31 août 2016

Trump a obtenu ce qu'il souhaitait au Mexique: le pouvoir de l'image

Les auteurs de l'article abordent le voyage de Trump au Mexique sous un autre angle que ceux présentés depuis le début de la journée. A-t-il la stature pour diriger la politique étrangère? Peut-on imaginer un "Président Trump"? Les auteurs prétendent que les images du candidat républicain en compagnie d'un dirigeant d'une autre pays était l'objectif recherché.

 "Donald Trump could barely have scripted it better. After a year of tormenting Mexico as a hostile foe, he stepped to a podium on Mexican soil — alongside the country’s leader Enrique Peña Nieto — and got a president’s welcome.

Trump emerged from an hourlong huddle with Peña Nieto and the pair delivered side-by-side statements, embedding subtle criticisms of each other inside enthusiastic declarations of mutual respect. But it was the precise visual Trump had hoped for: a bilateral news conference that amounted to a preview of what similar international trips might look like in a Trump presidency."

Hillary Clinton condamnée à être impopulaire?

Un sondage du Washington Post publié plus tôt aujourd'hui indiquait que Mme Clinton avait atteint le point le plus de sa cote de popularité depuis vingt-cinq ans. Il s'agit d'un seul sondage qui pointe vers le bas récemment, mais au-delà de ces derniers chiffres elle serait également rattrapée par la partisanerie politique et, surtout, la polarisation.

 "The most common explanation for this up-and-down movement — see Greg’s piece from last year for a more detailed view — is that the closer Clinton gets to partisan politics, the more unpopular she becomes. One reason for this is that Republicans and Republican-leaning independents may turn away from her. When she’s a relatively apolitical figure — like when she did low-profile First Lady things, when she was a wronged wife, or even when she was Secretary of State, then a healthy number of Republicans express approval of her and her overall ratings rise.

In the partisan context, Republicans are much more likely to think about her as an opponent or even an enemy than when she’s doing a job like secretary of state. As Libby Nelson pointed out back in July, the secretary of state almost always gets high approval ratings. We don’t know exactly why, but my guess is that from the public’s perspective the job is both high-profile and opaque, but in an uncontroversial way. They have little idea what the secretary does; all they see is him or her representing the United States and shaking hands with foreign leaders."

Chronique à "Radio-Canada cet après-midi": Trump à Cuba et premier vol États-Unis-Cuba

La chronique débute à 17h43 sur l'audio fil du 31 août:

Caricature Hillary et le supplice de la goutte...


Caricature Trump frappe le mur



Un aperçu de l'accueil réservé à Donald Trump au Mexique. Allez lire les gazouillis.

 "Ahead of Trump’s Wednesday arrival, Mexican historians, actors and politicians took to Twitter to express their disapproval for the bombastic real estate mogul and for Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for extending an invitation to him.

Both Peña Nieto and Trump face abysmal approval ratings in Mexico, with the current president earning just 23 percent approval in an August poll and Trump at a meager 2 percent in a June survey."

Caricature burkini interdit


Caricature Trump au Mexique


Débat Trump-Clinton: "l'analyse" de Seth Meyers

Hillary dernier sondage: son image au plus bas

Dans les derniers jours plusieurs sondages ont été réconfortants pour Hillary Clinton puisqu'ils indiquent une confortable avance sur son adversaire, mais celui du Washington Post de ce matin pointe dans une autre direction sur un aspect non négligeable. Hillary n'est pas populaires et les chiffres sont inquiétants puisque les choses se sont récemment détériorées sur ce point.

 "That's the worst image Clinton has had in her quarter-century in national public life. Her previous low favorable rating this year was in July, when it was 42 percent, lower than any mark in historical Post-ABC polls except a few points in the 1990s when a large share of the public had no opinion of her. Her previous high for unfavorable views was in June, when 55 percent disliked Clinton."

Caricature Bernie Sanders "back to the future"


 Pour plusieurs le système est corrompu ou "brisé" et la campagne 2016 de Bernie Sanders représentait un espoir. Bagley souligne que Sanders a été en mesure de gagner et de changer des choses dans ce même système. Bernie a passé toute sa vie professionnelle en politique, ce n'est pas une figure nouvelle. Mais oui, j'en conviens, il faut beaucoup, beaucoup de temps pour modifier des choses...

Caricature Colin Kaepernick et les symboles américains


Trump au Mexique: réaction de colère

L'ancien Président Vincente Fox n'est qu'une des nombreuses voix qui ont exprimé leur indignation face à la venue de Donald Trump qui a tenu des propos très controversés à l'endroit du Mexique depuis le début de la campagne électorale.

 "Former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized on behalf of the country during an interview Wednesday on CNN, accusing both Trump and Peña Nieto for using the occasion to exploit their own political opportunities.

"It's a very opportunistic move, and I hope U.S. public opinion, U.S. citizens can see this and finally, and finally see what is behind Trump, this false prophet that is just cheating everybody," Fox said during a Skype chat on "New Day," adding that it is "a desperate move, and I don't see how it can work at all."

The only way that inviting Trump makes sense for Mexico would be if Peña Nieto gets the Republican nominee to apologize for his past statements about Mexicans, Fox said, saying he did not understand the thinking of the Mexican president, while pronouncing Trump's decision to visit "very smart."

Vol commercial États-Unis-Cuba: reprise historique

On a beaucoup parlé du rapprochement entre Cuba et les États-Unis depuis que Barack Obama a rencontré Raul Castro. Aude-là de la symbolique, il y a des gestes concrets qui démontrent une réelle reprise des échanges.

Donald Trump en visite au Mexique

Après avoir exploité le thème de l'immigration et proposé de construire un mur à la frontière du Mexique, Trump rencontre aujourd'hui le Président mexicain Enrique Pena Nieto.

Caricature Anthony Weiner le "champion"


mardi 30 août 2016

Hillary Clinton aurait 88% de de chance de l'emporter

Un petit survol rapide sur le site du New York Times. Donald Trump l'emporterait tout de même dans une vingtaine d'états, mais pas nécessairement les plus populeux, ce qui explique l'écart important entre les deux candidats. Il reste tout de même plusieurs semaines de campagne...

 "The Upshot’s elections model suggests that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency, based on the latest state and national polls. A victory by Mr. Trump remains quite possible: Mrs. Clinton’s chance of losing is about the same as the probability that an N.F.L. kicker misses a field goal from the 20-yard line."

Donald aurait engagé illégalement des mannequins pour son agence

Une histoire intéressante dans le contexte de la campagne sur le site de Mother Jones. Les mannequins réfèrent même à une version contemporaine de l'esclavage...

 "Republican nominee Donald Trump has placed immigration at the core of his presidential campaign. He has claimed that undocumented immigrants are "taking our jobs" and "taking our money," pledged to deport them en masse, and vowed to build a wall on the Mexican border. At one point he demanded a ban on Muslims entering the country. Speaking to supporters in Iowa on Saturday, Trump said he would crack down on visitors to the United States who overstay their visas and declared that when any American citizen "loses their job to an illegal immigrant, the rights of that American citizen have been violated." And he is scheduled to give a major address on immigration in Arizona on Wednesday night.

But the mogul's New York modeling agency, Trump Model Management, has profited from using foreign models who came to the United States on tourist visas that did not permit them to work here, according to three former Trump models, all noncitizens, who shared their stories with Mother Jones. Financial and immigration records included in a recent lawsuit filed by a fourth former Trump model show that she, too, worked for Trump's agency in the United States without a proper visa."

Caricature football: la saison approche!


Caricature Gene Wilder 1933-2016


 Wilder a marqué les esprits et pour plusieurs il demeurera toujours ce personnage de Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.


Caricature Hillary Clinton et les topos de la CIA


Caricature Anthony Weiner pas assez "conservateur"


Caricature Colin Kaepernick boude l'hymne national


 Un autre caricaturiste qui déplore le geste du quart-arrière...

Paul LePage, Gouverneur du Maine, songe à démissionner

Depuis son entrée en fonction Paul Le Page déclenche régulièrement des controverses. Il ma récemment laissé un message obscène sur le répondeur téléphonie d'un adversaire politique. Peut-il demeurer en poste?

 "LePage said that in the wake of his most recent controversy, even state legislators from his own party have begun to turn on him. The governor said he met with GOP leaders from Maine’s House of Representatives and Senate and added that he would speak with his staff before announcing any future plans.

“It’s not about me. It’s about making sure that we can move the state forward,” LePage said. “It’s one thing to have one party behind [you], it’s another thing to not have any party behind you.”

Voici la teneur du message de Paul LePage laissé à Drew Gattine:

 “Mr. Gattine, this is Gov. Paul Richard LePage,” the governor can be heard saying in a recording of the message obtained by the Portland Press-Herald. “I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist, you c--ksucker. I want to talk to you. I want you to prove that I’m a racist. I’ve spent my life helping black people and you little son-of-a-bitch, socialist c--kscuker. You … I need you to, just friggin. I want you to record this and make it public because I am after you. Thank you.”

 Lien pour les propos obscènes:

 Lien pour l'article sur une possible démission:

Caricature Colin Kaepernick: une critique...


Colin Kaepernick et Jackie Robinson: même combat?

Colin Kaepernick continuera à ne pas se lever pour l'interprétation de l'hymne national. La controverse gagne en importance et cet article sur le site de CNN fournit plus de renseignements sur la symbolique du geste du quart-arrière, mais aussi sur l'origine et l'évolution du "Star-Spangled Banner".

 ""I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag. I know that I am a black man in a white world."

That's not Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback whose refusal to stand during the national anthem has invited criticism from all corners of the sports world.

That's Jackie Robinson, beloved baseball pioneer and civil rights activist, writing in his 1972 autobiography, "I Never Had It Made." After Kaepernick was spotted sitting during the anthem preceding last Friday's NFL preseason game, the struggling quarterback said he would not stand "to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color."

It's hard not to notice their words are almost perfectly aligned. But it shouldn't be a surprise when you consider some historical context, namely, that the anthem actually contains a reference to slavery and Kaepernick is far from the first athlete to question its scope."

Caricature retour à l'école et campagne électorale


lundi 29 août 2016

Trump aimerait-il être président? Peut-être pas...

Un article qui avance sept bonnes raisons pour lesquelles Donald Trump n'aimerait pas le poste...

 Un exemple:

 "5. The boredom factor. Anyone familiar with the rambling style of his speeches knows that Donald Trump has a short attention span. Unfortunately for him, it is the responsibility of the president to engage in the mundane (ceremonial functions), the arcane (meeting with heads of state of small nations), and the immediate (dropping everything because wildfires are destroying homes in California) every single day as president. There's no such thing as a selective presidency that only focuses on the fun parts of “making America great again.” Trump would be required to deal with thousands of things that he simply doesn't care about. He can’t decide to spend two weeks in Scotland at his golf course, without the Secret Service, the media, any foreign and domestic crises large and small, hounding him at practically every tee. His first meeting with officials from the Department of Agriculture to discuss drought conditions in the heartland will have him heading for a permanent vacation to Mar-a-Lago."

Hillary Clinton devance Donald Trump par 7 points (Monmouth University)

Un sondage du 29 août qui va dans le même sens que les plus récents. Une tendance lourde qui ne fléchit pas et qui place Mme Clinton en avance dans tous les états pivots (swing states).

 "Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 7 points among likely voters, a new Monmouth University national poll finds. How you interpret this might depend on your perspective: The lead is down sharply from the 13 point advantage Clinton held in the last Monmouth poll, 3 weeks ago. However, a 7 point lead is slightly above the national average, which now shows Clinton ahead by 6 points (5.4% when 3rd parties are included)."

John McCain doit se battre pour sa survie politique

Une carrière de trente ans au Sénat et un passé de héros militaire sont dans la balance pour la prochaine élection de John McCain. Si McCain est présentement confronté à une éventuelle défaite en Arizona il peut sans doute pointer dans la direction de Donald Trump pour expliquer partiellement ses déboires.

 "But the personal and political antipathy between McCain and Trump has led some experts to suspect that McCain will dump Trump after he secures his party’s nomination Tuesday. The political calculus is that he desperately needs Trump’s voters to win the primary but needs anti-Trump independents to win the general election. McCain says he does not expect to stop supporting Trump before Election Day."

Huma Abedin et Anthony Weiner: séparation

Je relayais plus tôt aujourd'hui le dernier épisode impliquant Anthony Weiner et les sextos qui ont ruiné sa carrière politique. Je me demandais si cette histoire affecterait la campagne d'Hillary Clinton. Voilà qu'on apprend que la proche conseillère de Mme Clinton se sépare d'un conjoint qu'elle ne fréquentait plus depuis un an. Donald Trump n'avait pas manqué d'exploiter une histoire tordue pour discréditer Hillary Clinton.

 "After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband," Abedin said in a statement. "Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy."

Caricature Fête du travail aux États-Unis


Caricature Hillary Clinton vraiment malade...


Caricature retour à l'école: prudence


Université du Texas et armes à feu: situation délicate

On sait que le port d'arme est maintenant autorisé à l'Université du Texas, mais la situation est parfois difficile à gérer. Le New York Times présente un beau topo sur les réactions des différentes personnes concernées. On y retrouve le point de vue des partisans du port d'arme, mais également celui des opposants et des gestionnaires de l'institution. Il va de soi que l'opinion des professeur(e)s m'intéresse tout particulièrement.

John Oliver et les super héros

Anthony Weiner et Huma Abedin: une relation trouble dans l'entourage d'Hillary Clinton

Pour m'embêter à relayer les nouveaux dérapages de l'ancien représentant Anthony Weiner? Le politicien en disgrâce est à nouveau impliqué dans une histoire de sextos, cette fois son enfant apparaît sur une photo diffusée sur Twitter, est l'époux d'une très proche conseillère et confidente d'Hillary Clinton. Lors des premières frasques de Weiner le couple Clinton avait même offert des conseils au couple Weiner-Abedin (sur la photo au moment où Weiner menait une campagne pour la mairie de New York). Quand on sait ce que le couple Clinton a traversé comme crises après les infidélités de Bill Clinton, l'association entre les deux histoires n'augure rien de bon pour la campagne Clinton. Cette nouvelle histoire pourra-t-elle être récupérée contre Hillary? Son adversaire ne se prive généralement pas de frapper très bas...

 "If elected office was Weiner's goal, though, he just blew it by breaking the one rule of redemption: fully come clean. Just two weeks ago, when he was asked if his sexting days were behind him, he seemed to deflect. And now we know why: On Sunday night, the New York Post reported that Weiner had recently been sexting with a woman who is not his wife. Making the story even more cringe-worthy, the New York Post reports that Weiner sent a suggestive photo of himself while his toddler son was in the bed next to him.

Weiner didn't deny any of this. He told the New York Post that he and the woman “have been friends for some time.” “She has asked me not to comment except to say that our conversations were private, often included pictures of her nieces and nephews and my son and were always appropriate,” he said. On Monday, Weiner deleted his Twitter account.

The day after these revelations, Weiner isn't just facing questions about his political career. He's facing questions about his parenting skills. And for the third time, his questionable decisions on sex are ensnaring his wife, Huma Abedin, who is Hillary Clinton's top aide, by raising questions about her decision to leave their son alone with her husband while she's on the campaign trail."

dimanche 28 août 2016

Missy LeHand: la femme la plus influente de l'histoire de la Maison Blanche?

Secrétaire et confidente, Missy LeHand a grandement influencé les décisions de FDR.  ce dernier la surnommait sa "conscience".

"Missy had her hand in all aspects of the White House operation during the FDR years. A formidable, multitalented multitasker, Missy might on any given day be directing the work of fifty staffers, writing a check to Franklin Jr.’s doctor, telling the president the wording in a speech “just doesn’t sound like you,” soothing an irate bureaucrat who couldn’t get an appointment and then racing over to the White House to “pour tea for a crowd of archaeologists.”

Today, she would be comparable to Barack Obama’s Valerie Jarrett, whose official titles in the White House are far overshadowed by her real role as one of the president’s closest advisers on everything from cabinet appointments to campaign strategy. Missy’s key role guiding FDR’s marquee accomplishment, the New Deal, puts her contributions into relief. From navigating messy politics between feuding administration figures, to strengthening his relationship with the vital Catholic voters he needed to assure his re-elections, to talking with FDR about his ideas, Missy was a crucial—if little-remembered—behind-the-scenes asset. Perhaps most importantly, she also introduced the president to the man who would draft and successfully lobby for some of the most crucial New Deal legislation."

CIA et Richard Nixon: documents secrets dévoilés

Au moment où la CIA rencontre les candidats Hillary Clinton et Donald Trump, elle dévoile en même temps la teneur des topos présentés à Richard Nixon. Ce dernier n'appréciait guère l'agence et le contenu des informations ne contribuait probablement pas à changer son opinion. Survol très intéressant sur le site de CNN.

 "Practically every morning, the President's Daily Brief reminded Nixon that North Vietnam and its communist allies in Southeast Asia were winning and that US military strategy was failing.

US intelligence had broken enough North Vietnamese ciphers to be able to follow the infiltration along the Ho Chi Minh trail (via Laos and Cambodia) of North Vietnamese regular troops into South Vietnam. The number of troops was staggering and belied the Pentagon's estimate that US bombing raids had a net effect of reducing the number of North Vietnamese soldiers fighting in the south.

 After Nixon decided in April 1970 to send US troops 20 miles into Cambodia to clean out North Vietnamese bases along the border, the CIA reported that these operations were failures. The North Vietnamese just abandoned the bases and retreated farther into Cambodia, rather than pick a fight with the better-equipped US army. "Communications intelligence," the CIA writers noted on June 4, "provides nearly a complete picture of these movements (11 regiments). ... Most, but not all, of these relocations appear to have been in direct response to allied operations, reflecting the enemy's anxiety to avoid contact while dropping back to more secure areas."

Caricature Donald Trump et la question raciale


samedi 27 août 2016

Les plus beaux retours de l'histoire des élections présidentielles américaines: Trump sera-t-il le prochain?

J'ai tout de suite esquissé un sourire en revoyant la photo qui coiffe ce billet et l'article de POLITICO. On y voyant un Harry Truman tout sourire tenant une édition du Chicago Daily Tribune annonçant prématurément la victoire de son adversaire. Donald Trump sera-t-il le prochain à surprendre les experts et la presse? Retour sur quelques élections étonnantes.

 Je vous laisse un autre exemple de retour spectaculaire et pas le moindre, l'élection d'Abraham Lincoln en 1864:

 "By late summer of 1864, Abraham Lincoln’s re-election prospects looked bleak. Though he governed in an age long before the advent of political polling, most elite actors in Washington, D.C., agreed that many white Americans were weary of battle. What’s more, many white voters—particularly those in critical Midwestern swing states—sharply disapproved when the president expanded his definition of the Northern war effort from a fight to preserve the Union to a struggle that would eradicate chattel slavery.

With General Ulysses S. Grant bogged down outside Petersburg and General William T. Sherman stalled on his march to Atlanta, Lincoln believed he would be “beaten … and unless some great change takes place, badly beaten.” On August 23, he pulled out a blank piece of paper and wrote: “This morning, as for some days past, it seems exceedingly probable that this Administration will not be re-elected. Then it will be my duty to so co-operate with the President elect, as to save the Union between the election and the inauguration; as he will have secured his election on such ground that he cannot possibly save it afterwards.” He folded and sealed the page and instructed all of his cabinet members to sign the outside. In the probable event of his defeat, he would have tangible evidence of his commitment to respecting the wishes of the voters, even during an unprecedented civil war."

Caricature Trump et le vote des minorités


Présidentielle 2016: le triomphe de l'ignorance

Je crois qu'il serait intéressant d'étendre la réflexion de cet article du New York Times à plusieurs autres pays occidentaux, mais il est effarant de constater à quel point les électeurs sont peu ou pas informés, que dans une certaine mesure les faits ne comptent plus. Donald Trump n'est que la manifestation spectaculaire d'une réalité bien plus large. La candidature du milliardaire m'inquiète moins que le phénomène plus grave qui lui permet de demeurer dans la course.