samedi 24 septembre 2016

"L'histoire de l'esclavage, c'est aussi l'histoire des Blancs" (Lonnie Bunch, directeur du National Museum of African American History and Culture)

Entrevue du Washington Post avec Lonnie Bunch dans le cadre de l'ouverture du National Museum of African American History and Culture à Washington.

 "In 2003, President George W. Bush signed the bill that made the national African American history museum a legal reality. But that was the easy part.

 “The biggest part of this job was to make people believe that this could happen. But what it really meant was that I had to find ways to believe it. And to take risks,” Bunch told me at the museum last week. “For example, when we did the groundbreaking, we didn’t have all the money. So what I did is, well, let’s make the hole anyway because I knew that Congress wouldn’t let a hole stand next to the Washington monument.”

But then there was securing the collection that would tell the story of a people, of a nation."%%

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