dimanche 27 novembre 2016

Le rapprochement d'Obama avec Cuba survivra-t-il à la victoire républicaine?

Je relayais hier un article du Washington Post dans lequel l'auteur avançait que la mort de Fidel Castro modifierais peu de choses dans les relations entre les États-Unis et Cuba. ce matin cet article de POLITICO se tourne plutôt vers l'impact de la victoire républicaine à la présidence et dans les deux chambres.

 "The lack of a call for an end to diplomatic ties suggests that hardliners in Congress are coming to terms with the growing bipartisan support for the relationship with Cuba. Fidel Castro's death may even give some Republicans a fresh reason to cast off decades-old grudges against the island just 90 miles off America's shores.

A Republican congressional aide told POLITICO on Saturday that lawmakers are increasingly more focused on the need to re-calibrate some of the regulatory changes made by Obama than completely cutting off ties. They care less about whether the U.S. mission in Havana is called an embassy than they do about whether the U.S., through its dialogues and regulatory changes, is doing enough to force the communist regime to change its practices, the aide said.

A Trump administration could, for instance, adjust regulations that cover who can travel to Cuba or who can do business there to send a signal to the Cuban government that it has to make some changes on human rights and other fronts if it wants to reap the benefits of the relationship, the aide said."


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