mardi 26 juillet 2016

Et si Hillary était un homme... (Richard Cohen, Washington Post)

Richard Cohen ramène sur le tapis la question de la perception des femmes en politique. S'il comprend la réaction des gens face à certains passages peu glorieux de la carrière politique de Mme Clinton, il s'explique mal la hargne et l'acharnement.

 "I would, to get right down to it, vote for Kim Kardashian over Donald Trump, so support of Clinton comes easy. Still, I am vexed by her rampant unpopularity, especially among the young women who found Bernie Sanders so exciting. I had to recall the wisdom of Gloria Steinem, who knows, because she was once a young woman herself, that aging is tough on women. When they are young, they are cherished, adored. But as they age, they become less adored — by men, sometimes, but by employers, too. They have children, complicating their lives. Every day-care center is constructed out of glass ceilings. Sanders somewhere along the line had a child out of wedlock. Imagine if Clinton had done the same."

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