vendredi 22 juillet 2016

Hillary Clinton choisira-t-elle Tim Kaine?

On a beaucoup évoqué la possibilité d'un "ticket" féminin et l'attrait de la candidature de Julian Castro, mais les derniers indicateurs pointent plutôt dans la direction de Tim Kaine de la Virginie. Un brin conservateur comme choix? Mme Clinton jouerait effectivement la carte de la prudence.

 “Safe” seems to be Kaine’s middle name. The Spanish-speaking former missionary and onetime swing-state governor sits on both the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees in the Senate. And while the Warren-Sanders wing of the Democratic Party may object to some of his positions on trade and Wall Street regulation, Kaine rarely takes controversial stands or makes painful gaffes, thus fulfilling the Hippocratic oath for vice presidential nominees: First, do no harm.

Kaine, for all the buzz about his chances, has been deeply self-effacing during the awkward public tryout process. When asked during a “Meet the Press” interview last month if he was ready to be president, he said no. "Nobody should ever say they’re ready for that responsibility, because it is so, so huge,” he said in what some saw as a tacit rebuke of Warren, who answered confidently that she is ready to be commander in chief when asked the same question by Rachel Maddow.

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