samedi 23 juillet 2016

Tim Kaine: cinq bonnes raisons de le choisir

S'il n'est pas le politicien le plus emballant et que sa candidature déçoit les progressistes, Tim Kaine a quand même beaucoup à offrir à Hillary Clinton. Voici cinq retombées positives qui expliquent le choix du sénateur de la Virginie:

 "Kaine was picked to shore up Clinton’s trust issues. Like his Trumpian counterpart, Mike Pence, the 57-year-old former commonwealth governor was selected to bolster his boss’s most glaring weakness. Voters view Trump as a sugar-high 10-year-old who just hijacked an Abrams tank; Clinton’s problem -- thanks to emails, Goldman Sachs, yadda-yadda – is that even many of her supporters wouldn’t trust her with an unattended purse.

 In that regard Pence and Kaine are working the same side of the street, that is to say the sunnier side. Pence projects the oh-gosh steadiness of a high school principal who picks up a stray candy wrapper while he is asking about your kids; Kaine is the guy who spent a year in Honduras teaching school to poor kids and another six coaching lawyers on ethics at the University of Richmond Law School. As mayor of Virginia’s capital, and later in the state house, he earned a clean-hands reputation – and you will not find any one of his Senate colleagues on either side of the aisle evince a single nasty thing about him."

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