mercredi 21 décembre 2016

Bienvenue en enfer M. Trump ( Kathleen Parker, Washington Post)

Très bientôt Donald Trump ne pourra plus se contenter de gazouiller ou de "tweeter", il devra prendre position dans des situations très délicates. Les derniers jours nous rappellent à quel point il faut être mesuré dans certains dossiers...

 "Anyway, you can now start hanging with Putin. Just don’t look into his eyes, which, apparently, can make you think he has a soul. (It’s an old KGB trick.) You’ll have to figure out how to handle the Vlad and his other pal, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, since the two of them have been mass-murdering the very same people of Aleppo invoked by the assassin. I’m not feeling the love triangle here, but you’re the magician."

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