mardi 20 décembre 2016

Dix événements historiques significatifs pour les Américains (Pew Research Center)

Ça ne surprendra personne de retrouver l'attaque du 11 septembre 2001 au premier rang de cette liste d'événements, mais je suis tout de même un peu étonné de retrouver l'élection de Barack Obama au second rang. D'ailleurs Blancs et Noirs divergent sur ce point de vue. "

The perceived historic importance of the attacks on New York and the Pentagon, span virtually every traditional demographic divide. Majorities of men and women, Millennials and Baby Boomers, Americans with college degrees and those without a high school diploma rate 9/11 as one of the 10 most historically significant events to occur during their lifetime. And while they seem to agree on little else this election year, the survey finds that more than seven-in-ten Republicans and Democrats name the attacks as one of their top 10 historic events.

The one exception to this pattern is the views of blacks and whites. While the Sept. 11 attacks easily top the list for whites, it shares the top spot with the election of President Barack Obama among blacks. Similarly, the civil rights movement ranks behind only the election of Obama and 9/11 on the list of most significant events for blacks but is absent from the top 10 lifetime events for whites."

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