jeudi 16 février 2017

Liens avec la Russie: le Congrès enquêtra-t-il? (position éditoriale du NY Times)

L'équipe éditoriale du New York Times croit que le Congrès devrait lancer une enquête sur les liens entre l'administration Trump et la Russie. La majorité républicaine du Congrès bougera-t-elle dans le dossier? Le jeu partisan évitera peut-être des déconvenues à Donald Trump, mais pourtant les rapports des agences de renseignements contiennent suffisamment d'informations pour justifier qu'on braque les projecteurs sur le président et son entourage.

 "In the last week alone, Americans have witnessed the firing of President Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and learned with shock and incredulity that members of Mr. Trump’s campaign and inner circle were in repeated contact with Russian intelligence officials.

Coming on top of credible information from America’s intelligence agencies that Russia tried to destabilize and influence the 2016 presidential campaign, these latest revelations are more than sufficient reason for Congress to investigate what Moscow has been up to and whether people at the highest levels of the United States government have aided and abetted the interests of a nation that has tried to thwart American foreign policy since the Cold War.

Given that context, one might expect Mr. Trump to be clamoring for details that would eliminate any suspicion that his administration is in league with an enemy. Instead he has waged an unhinged attack on the intelligence agencies themselves, praising President Vladimir Putin of Russia at every turn and pointing fingers everywhere but at himself, while refusing to take a single step to resolve questions about his administration’s ties to Russia."

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