lundi 20 février 2017

Première impression: Trump à la traîne lorsque comparé à Obama, Bush et Clinton (Pew Research Center)

Des chiffres assez révélateurs. Mais donnons la chance au coureur, il n'y a qu'un mois d'écoulé.

 "Trump’s ratings on the traits for which trends are available are lower than they were for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush. At similar points in their presidencies, majorities said Obama (76%), Bush (60%) and Clinton (63%) were trustworthy. Currently, just 37% view Trump as trustworthy.

While 39% say Trump is “well-informed,” nearly twice as many said that description applied to Obama in February 2009 (79%) and Clinton in January 1993 (also 79%). In early 2001, 62% said Bush was well-informed.

Trump fares better relative to past presidents in views of his ability to get things done. While 54% say this description applies to Trump, only somewhat more (60%) said it described Bush in 2001. In February 2009, 70% said Obama could get things done."

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