mardi 11 avril 2017

Donald Trump en contrôle de la machine républicaine?

J'ai mentionné récemment qu'on sentait l'influence des dirigeants républicains dans certaines des dernières décisions du nouveau Président. Cet article va dans le sens contraire en défendant l'idée que l'entourage de Donald Trump étend ses ramifications au sein du parti. Un angle intéressant.

 "Under the watchful eye of the president and the White House political office, Trump skeptics have been ousted from atop state committees. Lines of contact have been established to gauge the political temperature on the ground and monitor key upcoming races — beginning with the 2017 governor and attorney general races in Virginia.

In addition to the political travel schedule of the president and Vice President Mike Pence — who have since November visited a number of Republican and battleground states that they won, but none that they lost — administration staffers are being dispatched beyond the Beltway: Kellyanne Conway, a Trump counselor in the White House and his campaign manager, is set to speak to state parties in New Hampshire and North Carolina in the coming weeks."

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