samedi 15 avril 2017

Exécutions suspendues en Arkansas

Les partisans de la peine de mort sont confrontés à un écueil important depuis qu'on remet en question le recours à de nouveaux produits dans l'exécution de la peine. Si la peine de mort relève des états, il est bon de rappeler que le "Bill of rights" américain proscrit les "châtiments cruels et inhabituels".  Doit-on garantir qu'on ne souffrira pas du tout?

" In a 101-page order on Saturday, Judge Baker embraced arguments by the eight prisoners whose executions had been scheduled, plus one other death row inmate, that Arkansas’s reliance on midazolam, a sedative, as an execution drug posed a risk to their constitutional rights.

“The threat of irreparable harm to the plaintiffs is significant: If midazolam does not adequately anesthetize plaintiffs, or if their executions are ‘botched,’ they will suffer severe pain before they die,” Judge Baker, an appointee of President Barack Obama, wrote. She added that the men had “shown a significant possibility that they will succeed on the merits of their method of execution claims based on midazolam.”

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