mardi 11 avril 2017

Trump et les infrastructures: vers un autre cul-de-sac?

Donald Trump mise beaucoup sur le dossier des infrastructures et il est prêt à y investir une somme considérable. Pour parvenir à ses fins il doit cependant espérer convaincre des membres de sa formation politique, mais aussi des Démocrates. Tout un défi dans une ère de partisanerie...

 Voici un des arguments présentés dans le texte:

 "4. Where does the money come from?

 Lawmakers have called a tax overhaul the most likely avenue to pay for Trump’s proposal. But even that will probably be no easy lift, as shown by GOP infighting over a proposed border tax. In addition, some congressional tax-writers are wary of linking the two issues, fearing that spending too much of the money generated by tax changes could tank the whole effort.

Democrats haven’t been awash in original suggestions either, even as the government’s traditional transportation financing source — the Highway Trust Fund — has withered amid falling gasoline tax revenue. When Schumer and other Democratic senators put out their own $1 trillion infrastructure plan in January, they leaned heavily on federal spending but skimped on details on how they’d pay for it."

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