mercredi 7 juin 2017

Christopher Wray à la tête du F.B.I.

Donald Trump a arrêté son choix sur un personnage bien connu des Républicains. Wray a défendu Chris Christie lors du "Bridgegate" et il a également oeuvré au Département de la justice sous George W. Bush. Wray jouit d'une solide formation et d'une bonne expérience.

" The president’s pick drew quick praise from a pair of Obama administration officials, including Matthew Miller, a former Justice Department spokesman who tweeted that Wray was “probably the best choice from the WH short list. His record in the Bush DOJ deserves scrutiny, but he's a serious, respectable pick.”

 Norm Eisen, a White House ethics lawyer for the Obama administration, called Wray a “good choice” who is “very respected in [the] white collar bar” and “did good job on Enron” in a series of posts to Twitter. Wray’s past work for Christie should not necessarily count against him, Eisen wrote online, because it is “important not to confuse lawyers and their clients; I repped some controversial folks too before becoming a watchdog!”

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