vendredi 9 juin 2017

Kamala Harris candidate démocrate en 2020?

Bien sûr qu'il est tôt, très tôt, mais je considère que cette candidature pourrait être drôlement intéressante pour le clan démocrate qui souhaite se renouveler. Cette candidature me paraît plus probable que celle de Michelle Obama.

 "A young senator who cut a high profile and took international trips early in their tenure would have been called “show horse” in the past, but high levels of impatience and fear among Democrats have speeded up the traditional timeline, he said.

“It’s the combination of being from the most progressive state in the country — but she’s not throwing darts or tweetstorms. She’s doing it in a responsible way that’s steeped in the law,’’ says Democratic strategist Laura Capps. “All eyes are on her to be a national leader, and she’s living up to it, so far. She’s fulfilling expectations for her natural ability.’”

Bebitch Jeffe says that Harris faces particular pressure to perform because she “is perceived as a part of this new generation of leadership." As a senator of African-American and Indian-American heritage, "she is a woman of color, a diverse ethnicity,’’ and one with powerful friends like former President Barack Obama, who enthusiastically endorsed her Senate bid, she noted."

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