lundi 5 juin 2017

Making Ignorance Great Again (Paul Krugman, New York Times)

Krugman va ici au coeur de ma réaction face à l'administration de Donald Trump. Je ne prends pas position entre les tendances républicaines et démocrates, je réagis à l'absence de faits avérés, au rejet de la science.

 "Donald Trump just took us out of the Paris climate accord for no good reason. I don’t mean that his decision was wrong. I mean, literally, that he didn’t offer any substantive justification for that decision. Oh, he threw around a few numbers about supposed job losses, but nobody believes that he knows or cares where those numbers came from. It was just what he felt like doing.

 And here’s the thing: What just happened on climate isn’t an unusual case — and Trump isn’t especially unusual for a modern Republican. For today’s G.O.P. doesn’t do substance; it doesn’t assemble evidence, or do analysis to formulate or even to justify its policy positions. Facts and hard thinking aren’t wanted, and anyone who tries to bring such things into the discussion is the enemy."

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