jeudi 16 juin 2016

Hillary Clinton sur une lancée

Les dix derniers jours ont été particulièrement fertiles pour la candidate démocrate. Retour sur des changements stratégiques.

 "California, the place where she could have crawled over the finish line, ended up being the place where Clinton finally turned things around, ending once and for all her two-front war. Her victory there came just five days after her San Diego speech eviscerating presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump as unfit to be commander-in-chief — part of a 10-day run that is viewed by Clinton allies as the most successful period of Clinton’s political career.

 But that high-water mark, which finally enabled her to make a full pivot to Trump, came after one of the most trying stretches for the campaign. Since her April 26 victories, Clinton had stopped campaigning against — or even mentioning — Sanders on the trail, instead turning her focus to the GOP rival on the horizon. But she was still locked in a primary, fighting opponents on the left and the right, while her Republican foe was steadily consolidating the party behind him."

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