jeudi 2 février 2017

Condoleeza Rice et Madeleine Albright s'opposent à Donald Trump

Les deux anciennes Secrétaires d'état qui critiquent des mesures de Donald Trump sont issues de deux administrations différentes. Rice appartenait au cabinet de George W. Bush alors qu'Albright était un choix de Bill Clinton.

 Voici une déclaration de Rice:

"Rice acknowledged that "we do have reasons to control our borders. We do have reasons to vet people ... to make ourselves safer."

But she argued it is contrary to American values to single out immigrants because of religion or national origin, as critics have said Trump’s executive order does.

"Americans are not held together by race, ethnicity, nationality or religion," said Rice. "What holds people together is an aspiration."

Et une déclaration d'Albright:

 "Albright also was sharply critical of the executive order, saying it was the work of an "unprepared” administration that “did not look at the unintended consequences" of the order, creating "terrible problems” around the world.

Albright called the president’s executive order “a gift" to the Islamic State. “They are now using it as a propaganda,’’ Albright said, while "we are having even more problems with countries that are on the designated terror list.’’ She added that the nation faces a credibility problem because of what she called “untrue facts” which the administration has circulated.

"The damage done to America by tweets,'' especially with Mexico, a longtime and valued partner, is deep, Albright said."

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