jeudi 9 février 2017

Donald Trump version 2017 d'Andrew Jackson?

Donald Trump peut-il décemment se comparer au Président Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) dont il souligne le populisme? Charles Lane considère qu'on devrait plutôt le comparer à un autre Andrew, Johnson celui-là, dont l'héritage est encore plus discutable. Johnson est celui qui prendra la relève de Lincoln après l'assassinat.

 "Flouting his era’s unwritten rule against politicking by the chief executive, Johnson embarked on a national “swing around the circle” for the 1866 midterm election. Shouting and trading insults with hecklers at every whistlestop, Johnson slammed “diabolical” political opponents and denounced the House and Senate as “a body called or which assumes to be the Congress of the United States.”

In one rant, which the Chicago Tribune called “the crowning disgrace of a disreputable series,” Johnson blamed a bloody race riot in New Orleans not on the white ex-Confederates who actually killed 34 African Americans and four white supporters, but on unnamed persons, linked to Congress, who had supposedly exhorted blacks “to arm themselves and prepare for the shedding of blood.”

One hundred and fifty years later, Trump would make a similar demagogic insinuation regarding political violence, labeling President Barack Obama a “founder” of the Islamic State terrorist group, and Hillary Clinton a “co-founder.”

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