dimanche 12 février 2017

Kellyanne Conway joue un jeu dangereux

La conseillère de Donald Trump a affirmé un certain nombres de choses particulièrement douteuses depuis l'entrée en fonction du nouveau président et pas plus tard que la semaine dernière elle se lançait dans la promotion de la collection Trump dans une entrevue. Se soucie-t-elle des réactions de la presse ou de la population? Selon les informations présentées dans cet article un seul avis compte, celui de son patron! Un pari payant à long terme? Elle en serait convaincue.

 "For Conway, the prize for loyalty is eventually landing a spot as chief of staff, becoming the first woman ever to hold the role and cementing her spot at the center of Trump’s inner circle.

Currently, Conway is seen within the White House as a “Queen without an Army,” according to a former campaign official. Conway has a vague title of “counselor,” and recently hired a chief of staff and an assistant to support her on her quest to dig into the "next phase of issues," according to Conway. She has taken ownership of opioid-abuse and veterans affairs, a portfolio that Trump cares deeply about. Conway says she plans to turn her office into a war room, and was quick to mention that she has top-security clearance.

 She has her eye on leading the White House Council on Women and Girls with former Goldman Sachs executive Dina Powell, senior counselor for economic initiatives, and with Ivanka Trump, should Ivanka decide to take a more active role in the administration."


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