jeudi 9 février 2017

Sarah Palin comme ambassadeur au Canada? (The Guardian)

Je croyais bien que Sarah Palin demeurerait un personnage marginal dont la popularité se concentrait dans un groupe tout aussi marginal de partisans du Tea Party. La retrouvera-t-on maintenant à Ottawa? J'y crois peu, mais je n'en serais pas à ma première surprise depuis un an...

 "Many of those who spoke out online rejected the idea. “Palin as ambassador is an insult. To any country.” Another added, “Dear Mr. Trump: Rather than appoint Sarah Palin as ambassador to Canada, please bomb us. Signed, all intelligent life in Canada.”

Whether Palin would actually want the posting is another question. The job would require her to give up a lucrative trade in speeches and television appearances, worth an estimated $12m to date, columnist Andrew Cohen noted in the Ottawa Citizen.

He added: “In Canada, Palin would have to learn to speak one of our official languages. She would have to live in a land of naïfs who favour immigrants, gay marriage, the United Nations and NATO.”

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