jeudi 6 avril 2017

Trump et les sondages:plus fiables en ligne qu'au téléphone?

Comme Donald Trump a fait mentir les sondages traditionnels, le Pew Research Center s'est demandé si les sondages en ligne s'Avéraient plus justes que les sondages téléphoniques. Les différences seraient mineures.

 "Overall, the survey experiment did not find significant mode differences in overall opinion about Trump or many of his signature policy positions. The web mode yielded estimates that were 1.8 percentage points more supportive of Trump and his policy positions, on average, than estimates from the phone mode.3 The differences ranged from 0 to 8 percentage points. In total, four of the 27 differences observed were statistically significant using conventional testing for opinion polls.4 And not all differences were in the direction one might expect based on the theory that people conceal their support for Trump and his policies in telephone interviews."

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