mardi 15 mai 2018

Jon McNaughton artiste pro-Trump

"Forgotten man", Jon McNaughton

 "You are not forgotten", Jon McNaughton 

 Le succès de ce peintre est phénoménal et il oriente maintenant son travail vers l'enquête de Robert Mueller.

 "McNaughton didn’t support Trump at first; he liked Ted Cruz in the primaries. Ask what he thinks about Trump now, and he’s measured: “He gets away with stuff nobody else can get away with,” McNaughton says. “I laugh when I see it. I cringe and laugh at just about anything I see.” He says that his works do come from an emotional place but that he doesn’t view himself as a Trump supporter so much as a Trump observer.

“Take this painting,” he says at his makeshift studio, gesturing to “You Are Not Forgotten,” which hangs on an easel nearby. As a regal Trump gestures toward the Forgotten Man, who is planting a tree, a crowd of mostly veterans and law enforcement look on with approval. McNaughton asks, “Based on this painting, what do you think McNaughton thinks of Trump?”

The symbolism seems pretty bonk-you-on-the-head: tree as hope, Trump as savior, audience as grateful.%% McNaughton says, No, that’s wrong. No, that’s not what he intended. “The point of the painting is that here are all the people who got him elected,” McNaughton says. “It’s, Okay Mr. Trump, now you’re here, what are you going to do?” The painting is not an endorsement of Trump, McNaughton says, so much as it’s a snapshot of the country in a moment in time. More than anything, he considers himself a “historical painter.”

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