mercredi 2 mai 2018

Ty Cobb quitte l'équipe d'avocats de Donald trump

Encore du mouvement dans l'entourage du président. Alors qu'il apparaît de plus en plus probable que Robert Mueller demande à Donald Trump de témoigner, Ty Cobb quitte. Il sera remplacé par un avocat qui a conseillé George W. Bush et Bill Clinton.

 "Cobb, who hasn’t been a direct player in the negotiations with Mueller on the Trump interview, has withstood months of criticism from conservatives and longtime Trump allies who had been urging the president to fire the top White House lawyer and launch more direct attacks on the special counsel.

Trump had resisted those pleas until March, when he fired off the first in a series of tweets to mention the special counsel by name and also question whether the probe should have ever been launched. Those missives prompted widespread speculation Trump was on the verge of setting in motion Mueller’s firing – which Cobb eventually walked back in an official White House statement saying no such plan was in the works."

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