lundi 28 mars 2016

Donald Trump "mythbuster" (Émily Thorson, Boston College)

Le succès de Donald Trump défie la logique des commentateurs de la politique américaine. Émily Thorson de Boston College explique ici comment le milliardaire contribue à détruire cinq mythes entretenus par les analystes depuis des années.

 "This is the question everyone seems to be asking these days. Trump’s rise has defied the predictions of pundits and pollsters, repeatedly embarrassing those who swore that he would flame out. I’m a political scientist, and I count myself among that number. In September, I offered my students a $500 bet that he wouldn’t become the Republican nominee — a wager I’m increasingly glad that none of them took me up on.

But while the magnitude of Trump’s victory has come as a surprise to many, it has also made for an incredibly exciting time to teach political science. This isn’t just for the immense attention Trump’s campaign has suddenly brought to the most obscure corners of the democratic process, or how anxious it makes my students. It’s because Donald Trump has provided high-profile, living disproof of some of the most familiar myths of American politics.

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