mercredi 30 mars 2016

Trump le nouveau Russ Perot? Hillary doit-elle se méfier?

Je ne partage pas toute l'analyse de Bernstein, mais je me souviens très bien de la campagne 1992 et du "phénomène Perot". L'auteur omet de préciser que Perot avait été bien plus nuisible pour la campagne de Bush père que pour celle de Clinton...

 "For a crucial moment in the summer of ’92, Perot was the biggest story in American politics. For the better part of three months, he led all candidates—ahead of both Bill Clinton and incumbent President George H.W. Bush—and upended the conventional wisdom about the issues that American voters were concerned about.

The parallels between Donald Trump and Perot are imperfect, but striking. Both have been perceived as drawing support from angry white conservative men, but also have broader appeal across demographics and party lines. Both have taken advantage of historically negative attitudes toward Washington and career politicians. Both are billionaires who have successfully argued that they are the antidote to the vile, corrupting influence of money in politics. And, perhaps most important, both are expert salesmen of the populist notion that only a successful businessman—someone from outside the political system, but intimately familiar with its failings—could fix what was broken in America."

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