jeudi 8 décembre 2016

Trump peut-il apprendre de Silvio Berlusconi?

On a parfois comparé Donald Trump à Silvio Berlusconi. Se ressemblent-ils vraiment? Donald Trump pourrait-il tirer des leçons du passage de Berlusconi au pouvoir en Italie?

 "As prime minister, Berlusconi demonstrated this eagerness to please by trying hard to appease his rivals, even electing former communists and Marxists on his tickets. In an attempt to be accepted by the Italian establishment as an insider, he asked Renato Ruggiero, the respected leader of the World Trade Organization, to serve as his secretary of state, nominated, Mario Monti, the prestigious dean of the Bocconi business school and later a prime minister, as European commissioner, while elevating to the same position Emma Bonino, a libertarian feminist leader of the gadfly Radical Party.

This sounds like Trump choosing Bill Gates, Larry Summers and Elizabeth Warren to serve in his administration. This is where Berlusconi and Trump diverge: Berlusconi wants to be loved by all, but if Trump’s Cabinet picks so far are any indication—Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, to name a few—the president-elect seems to care little about being “liked” by Democrats. Trump likes winning in a polarized America. He thrives on alienation, while Berlusconi craves attention."

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