dimanche 28 mai 2017

Donald Trump plus "Roi Lear" que "1984"?

Un angle intéressant abordé par Ron Charles dans le Washington Post de ce matin.

 "Consequently, the best literary precedent for what we’re enduring now is not the static image of Big Brother but the turbulent eruptions of King Lear. In Shakespeare’s immortal tragedy, composed around 1605, we see a kingdom entirely in thrall to the fitful mentality of its leader with his “unconstant starts.” As one of Lear’s daughters says, “The best and soundest of his time hath been but rash.” Or, as Politico observed 400 years later about our president: “Unpredictability . . . is not a quirk but a hallmark.”

Once you make the comparison between Lear and Trump, the similarities begin to line up like couriers at court. Most striking, the old king of Britain and the new president of the United States are rulers obsessed with personal devotion. Trump is, as he once noted in his typically Shakespearean way, “like, this great loyalty freak.”


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