dimanche 21 mai 2017

Le Pentagone gère-t-il une caisse occulte?

Dans cet article du Washington Post, Craig Whitlock et Bob Woodward laissent clairement entendre que le Pentagone produirait des surplus en obligeant les forces armées, le plus grand consommateur de pétrole au monde, à payer son essence plus cher. On redistribuerait ensuite l'argent vers d'autres services sous-financés. Cette pratique soulèves des doutes sur le mode de gestion et on pointe même vers l'existante d'une caisse occulte.

 "The practice of exploiting fuel revenue to plug unrelated gaps in the defense budget has escalated in recent years, prompting allegations — and official denials — that the accounts are being used as a slush fund.%% Pentagon officials defended the arrangement.

Congress has routinely approved their requests to skim off the fuel-purchasing accounts as a straightforward way to balance the Defense Department’s books. Lawmakers, however, are increasingly questioning the budgeting methods that have enabled the Pentagon to accumulate large windfalls from fuel sales in the first place.

The obscure accounting policy exemplifies the enormous scale and complexity of the U.S. military’s business operations, and how waste and inefficiency in the defense bureaucracy can dwarf what Washington spends on other parts of the federal government."


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