dimanche 21 mai 2017

Un vrai discours sur l'Islam?

Le New York Times a demandé à deux de ses collaborateurs de se prononcer sur le plus récent discours de Donald Trump. Il sen viennent à la conclusion que le pire a été évité, mais que le président américain a limité la portée de ses déclarations, se contenant d'être plutôt pragmatique.

 "A “speech on Islam” could have included some references to the faith, an acknowledgment that Islam is a great religion with values in common with Judeo-Christianity, and with a history of pluralism and tolerance. A “speech on Muslims” could have also been richer, with perhaps examples of how Muslims have contributed to the world, including to American society. This was a more modest, narrow and pragmatic speech, mostly appealing to Muslim leaders — in fact, only Sunni ones — for more cooperation against terrorism. But given Mr. Trump’s earlier views on Islam, it could have been worse!" 


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