mardi 16 mai 2017

Et si les agences de renseignements doutaient du président?

L'information classifiée partagée par Donald Trump lors de sa rencontre avec les représentants de la Russie provenait d'un allié américain (on parle d'Israël) qui ne souhaitait pas divulguer les renseignements. Le comportement cavalier du président américain pourrait bien provoquer une crise de confiance qui n'est pas sans conséquences.

 "When officials at one agency of government become convinced that another cannot be trusted to preserve secrets, they slow the flow of information to that agency. Can they do that when the distrusted agency is the White House; the distrusted person, the president of the United States?

The president can never be cut out of the information loop altogether. But consider how little information Trump wants in the first place. He is satisfied with single pagers dotted by colorful bullet points. If that is all he uses, maybe it’s better for everybody to hold back information he could possibly misuse?

Or maybe the sterilization will happen inside the White House itself. The National Security Council staff, formerly tasked to integrate the presidency and the government, could find a new rule: quarantining the president from the government."

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