jeudi 27 octobre 2016

Hillary Clinton est-elle tout simplement chanceuse?

Hillary Clinton a-t-elle simplement bénéficié de l'absence de contenu dans une campagne dominée par les déclarations et les frasques de Donald Trump? Il y a bien plus.

 "In fact: She managed to carve out her own identity without repudiating President Obama. She tacked left to beat back a primary challenge without (with one glaring exception, trade) compromising on basic positions. She embraced the possibility of becoming America’s first female president without claiming that as a defining argument. In the debates, she projected competence without coming across as a know-it-all.

None of these was easy, and when the campaign began many people doubted she could pull them off. She has achieved them despite the mood for change — and in the face of venomous opposition not only from Republicans but from the agency-formerly-known-as-the-KGB, too. Even as Russian espionage, in a first in American history, has disclosed the embarrassing inner squabbling of her campaign, Clinton and her team have remained focused and disciplined."

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