jeudi 27 octobre 2016

Trump peut-il réellement perdre le Texas?

Qu'un candidat républicain puisse perdre le Texas relevait du fantasme il y a peu encore. La dernière victoire démocrate dans le "Lone star state" remonte à une quarantaine d'années. Mais "l'effet Trump" semble maintenant avoir des retombées imprévisibles.

 "Steinhauser still expects Trump to end up on top. But the very idea that Texas — which gave Romney a nearly 1.3 million-vote winning margin — might be in play is an affront to some Republicans, a notion that would have seemed preposterous at the beginning of the election year. Texas is the beating heart of the modern Republican Party, and the cornerstone of any GOP nominee’s electoral strategy. It’s also home to the most recent Republican president, George W. Bush, and to two serious recent GOP contenders for the White House, Sen. Ted Cruz and former Gov. Rick Perry."

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