jeudi 27 octobre 2016

YOLObama 2016!

La cote de popularité du Président a grimpé dans la dernière année et il utilise cette popularité pour contribuer à la campagne d'Hillary Clinton. Et il semble en tirer beaucoup de plaisir!

 "That’s a complete contrast from 2014 — when many candidates shunned Obama — and even to the most optimistic expectations the White House had going into the year. Aides weren’t expecting his approval rating to be nudging close to 60 percent — but these days point that out every chance they get.%% Obama is having a really, really, really good time, loving the love, loving all the people now knocking on the White House doors appealing for his help — and he wants everyone to know it.

 “You’re still fired up,” Obama said, as he entered to cheers in the backyard of one of his early donors Monday morning in La Jolla, California, looking out at the Pacific Ocean in front of him."

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