lundi 31 octobre 2016

Présidentielle 2016: c'est presque terminé!!!

Un petit survol de l'état de la situation à une semaine du scrutin. Les chances de Trump de l'emporter seraient actuellement de 20%.  Les deux candidats les moins populaires de l'histoire américaine entreprennent donc le sprint final.

 "As the presidential contest between the two least popular nominees in American history enters its final, fittingly dispiriting stretch, the focus is on Clinton. That’s bad news for her: Throughout this contest, the candidate dominating the headlines has been the candidate losing ground. But it may be too late to shift the broader dynamic of the race, especially because voters’ perceptions had already hardened — a majority of Americans viewed Clinton as untrustworthy long before Friday’s news and still deem her more fit to serve as president than Trump.

“One thing that really hasn’t changed is their ‘unfavorables’ this entire campaign, hovering within 3-4 points of one another. And their ‘strongly unfavorable’ have continued to grow: He’s over 50 percent and she’s almost at 50 percent,” said Ed Goeas, a GOP pollster in Washington. “Barring something like a true indictment of her or him being caught today fondling some woman, I just don’t think anything is going to change the fundamentals, which favor Clinton.”

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