lundi 15 mai 2017

Chris Kennedy: un nom de famille qui n'assure plus le succès politique

Pendant des années le nom Kennedy assurait une visibilité qui attirait les Démocrates. Chris Kennedy, fils de Robert Kennedy, apprend à la dure que son seul nom de famille ne suffit pas. Depuis février il mène une campagne pour tenter de devenir gouverneur de l'Illinois. Plusieurs Démocrates souhaiteraient qu'il se retire.

 "Beyond the issue of financial resources is a question of personality. Kennedy has demonstrated some quirks with both the party insiders and the media that raise questions about his skills as a candidate. Last summer, after giving a speech to the Illinois delegation at the Democratic National Convention, he refused to answer questions. When TV crews followed him to the elevator, Kennedy implored: “Please, I don’t need to address you. Please leave the elevator and let me get to my meeting. … Have some decency. What have you become?” The video has been widely circulated.

  “A lot of people that I know have a great deal of respect for Chris Kennedy, but there are those who are concerned with what might be called his anti-charisma,” said Don Rose, a longtime political operative and Democratic consultant in Chicago. “I think a lot of people are worried about whether he could become a good candidate, particularly against a fast-talker like Rauner.”

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