vendredi 5 mai 2017

Les Américains en ont-ils déjà assez de gagner?

Pendant la campagne électorale Donald Trump promettait à ses concitoyens qu'éventuellement ils gagneraient tellement sous une présidence Trump qu'ils finiraient par s'en lasser. Est-ce déjà le cas? Tout dépend de ce qu'on entend par "victoire".

."Most of what Trump said was a simple celebration of winning: “A lot of people said, how come you kept pushing health care, knowing how tough it is? Don’t forget, Obamacare took 17 months. Hillary Clinton tried so hard—really valiantly, in all fairness, to get health care through. Didn’t happen. We’ve really been doing this for eight weeks, if you think about it. And this is a real plan. This is a great plan. And we had no support from the other party.”

Of course, the reason it only took eight weeks is that the bill is held together with duct tape and spit. That’s also the reason Trump isn’t talking about the substance of the bill in his remarks. First, he does not have a good handle on what’s actually in it, or even what it purports to do; second, it’s hard to make concrete statements about what it will do without a CBO score; and third, it doesn’t remotely resemble what he claimed during the campaign that his health-care plan would achieve."

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