mardi 23 août 2016

Trump et la crise d'identité des Blancs américains

Que retiendra-t-on de la campagne de Donald Trump après le vote du 8 novembre? La provocation? Les théories de complot? On retiendra également que ses partisans ont révélé une profonde crise d'identité d'une bonne portion de l'électorat américain.

 "Trump’s most enduring legacy, and it is an oddly beneficent one, is that he taught America how bigoted it still is, and that many among us who are not intentionally bigoted are willing to tolerate racism anyway, given the right circumstances and stakes. No matter the final tally, nor the recent poll data showing that Trump is beginning to lose college-educated whites, it is very likely that a majority of white voters in November will still pull the lever for Trump, despite a clear bigotry running through much of what he’s said, done and proposed."

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