jeudi 25 août 2016

Hillary Clinton devance Trump par dix points selon un récent sondage

Un sondage qui présente un éventail d'informations, un peu plus de précision sur ce qui explique la baisse actuelle du soutien à Donald Trump.

 "The pollsters also asked whether respondents felt that Trump's campaign rhetoric appeals to bigotry. Well over half, 59 percent, said that it did. Even worse for Trump, a plurality of every demographic save Republicans felt that he appealed to bigotry, including majorities of independents, men, women, whites with or without college degrees, people aged 64 or younger and both whites and nonwhites. Among all whites, 54 percent felt that Trump appeals to bigotry (with 50 percent of white men agreeing). Among nonwhites, the figure was 72 percent. (With 29 percent of Republicans saying they think he appeals to bigotry and 84 percent supporting him, that means that at least 13 percent of Republicans both think he appeals to bigotry and plan to give him their vote.)"

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